Agriculture Sensors & IoT Tracking Devices

Agricultural sensors and GPS tracking devices for farming equipment and assets increase the overall quality and quantity of agricultural products with an IoT-based smart farming system.

High-Precision Agriculture IoT Sensors

With Cellular IoT and LPWA networks such as LoRaWAN® becoming more prevalent, agriculture IoT sensors are more accessible than ever before, helping farmers maximize yields, conserve resources such as water and fertilizer, reduce waste, and enhance productivity.

Applications of IoT for Agriculture

Build a better IoT based agriculture monitoring system with agricultural GPS devices and a wide range of compatible agricultural sensors to capture the data you need, when you need it. Our agricultural sensors offer a range of utility and application to ensure every aspect of your operation is monitored, managed, and controlled.
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Equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking

Track run hours and schedule preventative maintenance reminders for equipment with farm equipment tracking devices.

Livestock Tracking

Livestock Tracking

Secure remote farming technology battery-powered GPS devices to livestock for location updates, movement history, geofencing, and more.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Integrate a range of third-party soil sensors for agriculture to provide moisture data to enhance crop conditions, increasing efficiency, and crop yields.

Tank Level Monitoring

Tank Level Monitoring

Integrate a range of water sensors for agriculture to monitor water tank levels remotely and configure alerts when specific levels are reached.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature and crop sensors in agriculture can help optimize water usage and maximize crop yields with remote environmental monitoring and real-time alerts.


Agriculture IoT Sensor Features

Global Connectivity

Cellular (2G, 4G LTE-M / NB-IoT), LoRaWAN®, Sigfox, and Bluetooth® Tracking Solutions ensure smart farming tools and IoT farming devices capture the data you need, anywhere you need it.

Inputs / Outputs

Interface a range of farming GPS devices and switches to fit any application including door or gate open/close, water meters, pump running/not running, and more.

Environmental Monitoring

Connect a range of IoT-based agricultural sensors such as temperature, moisture, depth, humidity sensors for agriculture, and more for environmental monitoring applications.

Rugged & Weatherproof

IP67 rated housing ensures farm tracking devices can withstand fine dust, high-pressure spray, submersion for 30 minutes in 1m of water, and extreme temperatures.

Periodic or Movement-Based

Configure LoRa agriculture devices to send updates based on set time intervals (1x, 3x, 5x a day, etc.,) or when movement occurs.

Run Hour Monitoring

Smart farming tools such as sensors and tracking devices capture run hours based on movement to understand and optimize asset utilization.

Preventative Maintenance

Set reminders based on utilization, distance traveled, run and idling hours, and more to reduce maintenance and repair costs with smart farming IoT solutions.

Theft Recovery

Switch to Recovery Mode in the case of theft or loss to activate live-tracking at 30-second intervals for asset retrieval. Recovery mode can also Track farmers and livestock in remote locations to ensure safety.

Advanced Geofencing

Create custom geofences and alerts if an asset enters or leaves specific locations. Geofences can also be downloaded directly to the device for enhanced location-based behaviors.

Easy Install

Multiple installation options for covertly securing agricultural sensors and GPS devices to assets with screws, bolts, cable ties, rivets, and more.

Flexible Configuration

Configure agricultural sensor and device parameters such as heartbeat rate, movement and accelerometer settings, and more to fit any tracking application.

IoT Agriculture Devices

Our agriculture GPS systems for sale include GPS devices and a wide range of agricultural sensors with various applications to suit any need within your operation.

Fast and Flexible Integration

With an open and flexible payload structure, integrating Digital Matter IoT agriculture devices into existing systems, IoT platforms, or ERPs is faster and less complicated, allowing our partners to deploy or go to market faster with the latest IoT technologies.

Platform Integrations Cellular

Digital Matter Agriculture Sensors

In the ever-evolving landscape of farming, agriculture sensors stand out as revolutionary tools. They not only help in monitoring but also in optimizing farm operations. Digital Matter’s state-of-the-art sensors ensure that farming practices are elevated, resulting in increased yields and productivity. Learn more about our top-notch GPS manufacturers.

Smart Farming Products

Our range of smart farming products ensures that farmers get the best out of their land and labor. These tools give them the ability to make more informed decisions, resulting in improved crop health and increased yields. Discover more about fleet management GPS tracking for efficient asset management.

IoT Farming & Sensors in Agriculture

Using sensors in agriculture is the future with IoT farming. Merging the Internet of Things (IoT) with agriculture has brought about a new era in farming. By integrating technology and farming practices, farmers now have the capability to monitor and manage their assets in real time. Dive deep into our GPS logistics for advanced solutions.

Agricultural Sensors & Smart Farming Equipment

Agricultural sensors have transformed traditional farming methods. These high-tech tools provide valuable data on various factors such as soil moisture, temperature, and more. This allows for more precise farming techniques, leading to healthier crops. For specialized solutions, look into our data logger GPS offerings. Gear up with our smart farming equipment that’s designed to withstand the rigors of the farm environment while offering accurate data collection and analytics. 

Whether it’s monitoring soil health, tracking livestock, or analyzing weather patterns, these tools make it all possible. Delve into the intricacies of cold chain monitoring for advanced applications.

Smart Agriculture Sensors

Embrace the future with smart agriculture sensors. These cutting-edge devices harness the power of technology to provide actionable insights into every aspect of farming. By constantly collecting and analyzing data, these sensors help farmers make better decisions, ensuring healthier crops and higher yields.
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Oyster Edge LP

Configure and Customize

Optimize our existing firmware to best fit your specific application, with hundreds of OTA configurable parameters. Control reporting frequency, movement-based events, accelerometer sensitivity, I/Os, and much more, or work with our engineers to build out a fully custom solution.

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