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Digital Matter is an innovative award-winning technology company that designs and develops embedded electronic devices, white label telematics devices and gps tracking software solutions.

Digital Matter was founded in 2001 and our team today has over 20 engineers and software developers operating in Australia, USA, South Africa and New Zealand.

Our white label gps tracking platform consisting of both gps tracking devices and telematics software are supplied in over 50 countries around the globe.

Since 2001, over 750,000 Digital Matter designed devices have been manufactured world-wide.

Worldwide devices

Looking to start a new business, or to add asset tracking to your existing business?

Our white-label gps tracker solutions are perfect for you to be up and running quickly, with no commitments or contract terms applicable.

Looking to do your own software development and just need devices?

No problem, we have an engagement model for that. Our extensive range of white label gps devices are perfect for rebranding using your own company logos.

"Reselling Digital Matter trackers is a real pleasure after some most unsatisfactory experiences with other suppliers. Installers find them easy to fit, customers love the performance, and with less than 1% warranty claims, after sales service is the best in the business. Nothing appears too much trouble for the Perth office. Five stars!" - Graham

"Frankly the trackers from Digital Matter never give me problems, while the cheap imports we see often do, blowing out 150+MB a month or not working very well...
If people are asking for a recommendation I’m certainly sending them to Digital Matter as I know you are selling something worthwhile." - Amber

"In a little over three years Digital Matter has helped me grow a telematics solutions business that proudly supports over 3000 vehicles....
and this with no previous experience!" - Clive

"Perfect documentation, thanks a lot, I wish all suppliers would have such good documents as yours !" - Lucas

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