G62 LoRaWAN®

Ultra-rugged, feature-rich LoRaWAN® vehicle and heavy equipment tracking device with customizable inputs/outputs for fleet management and equipment monitoring

  • High-precision GPS/GLONASS tracking device
  • Weatherproof and ultra-rugged IP67 Housing with compact and ergonomic design
  • 1 x Analog Inputs, 2 x Digital Inputs, 1 x Switched Ground Digital Output, 1 x Ignition Digital Input
  • Internal Backup Battery in case of loss of power or tampering
  • On-device Odometer and Run Hour Monitoring
  • All 868, 915 & 923MHz LoRaWAN® regions supported

G62 LoRaWAN® Features

High Precision GPS

GPS and GLONASS positioning systems are used simultaneously with a 72 channel high sensitivity receiver (-167dBm) for enhanced accuracy and faster fixes.

Global Connectivity

Highly sensitive radio receiver is available in 868, 915 and 923MHz versions for global LoRaWAN® connectivity.

Rugged & Weatherproof

IP67 rated housing ensures the device can withstand fine dust, high-pressure spray, submersion for 30 minutes in 1m of water, and extreme temperatures.

Customizable Inputs

Interface with a range of devices and switches to fit any application including seatbelt detection, door open/close monitoring, and more.


3-Axis Accelerometer to detect movement.

Run Hour Monitoring

Calculate run hours and distance travelled (odometer) to understand and optimize asset utilization.

Flexible Configuration

Configure device parameters such as heartbeat rate, movement and accelerometer settings, and more to fit any tracking application.

AES-128 Encryption

LoRaWAN® networks use AES-128 Encryption to protect the integrity of your telematics data.

Low Power, High Performance

We developed our own LoRaWAN® stack, optimized for low-power operations, low latency, and global adaptability.


  • Robust – Thoroughly tested and proven to work reliably in long term deployments.
  • Flexible – Advanced settings are configurable for niche use cases and almost all parameters are configurable over the air.
  • Agile – Owning our own stack means we are well-positioned to adapt quickly to updates to the LoRaWAN® standard.

On-Site Asset Management

Ultra-rugged, the G62 LoRaWAN® is designed for vehicle or equipment tracking with run hour monitoring on public or private LoRaWAN® networks.


Track and monitor vehicles with location, movement history, geofencing, and more.


Ultra-durable for tracking equipment in tough environments.

Run Hour Monitoring

Calculate run hours and distance traveled (odometer) to understand and optimize heavy equipment and vehicle utilization.

G62 LoRaWAN® Resources

Explore our comprehensive knowledge base to configure, connect, and install the G62 LoRaWAN®.




View and download the G62 LoRaWAN® datasheet.


Configuration and Usage Guide

The G62 LoRaWAN® provides a number of configurable parameters to fit specific applications.


Configuration App

Configuration app for G62 LoRaWAN®.


G62 LoRaWAN® Integration

Uplink and downlink message requirements for integrating the G62 LoRaWAN®.


Wiring Harness Diagram

View G62 LoRaWAN® Wiring Harness Diagram.

device management

Take Control of your Data

Configuration App

Manage device firmware updates and parameters via a USB configuration cable and app.

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Easy integration with comprehensive documentation and a flexible and open payload format.

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Data Security

LoRaWAN® networks use AES-128 Encryption so your data is protected.

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