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the challenges

Identifying the location of a worker and their safety status can be very challenging where there is no mobile phone coverage.  We class this as "Remote Worker" in the GPS tracking industry.

How do we track someone outside mobile phone coverage (which is the conventional tracking method of GPS over cellular)?

Or how do we know if the staff member has had an accident and is need of emergency assistance?


duty of care / chain of responsibility

As a Digital Matter reseller partner, your clients may have a safety compliance mandate to ensure lone and remote workers are catered for in the day to day operations of the business.

In some countries these are known as Duty of Care.   Often they require the management / executives of an organisation to implement suitable safety measures or face prosecution and financial penalities for failure to do so.  This is often termed Chain of Responsibility.

in some cases, and apathy in others have seen situations in the Australian Outback for example where staff members have been issued a Satellite phone without training of how to use it, and without credit in the phone.  An incident occured, they were lost for 24 hours, and by chance were found.

The irony is a satellite phone may be a communication tool, but is not an emergency beacon by any means.   Often staff are incapacitated or disorientated and cannot operate or even find these satellite phones when needed.



Digital Matter has pioneered a hybridised device that works in mobile phone coverage as well as out of coverage.

The G100 3G Iridium solution is ideal for reliable tracking of assets / people outside mobile phone coverage areas.  The Iridium modem in the device starts reporting at customer configurable intervals (default is a position every 10 minutes) when out of mobile coverage.  

It also reports journey start and end events as well as accident and roll-over alerts.  

OHS requirements for Lone or Remote Workers such as location, communication, duress, breakdown and response are essential compliance and good corporate responsibility drivers.  Features include: 

  • 24/7 location of the vehicle even when out of mobile coverage
  • Accident / roll-over notifications
  • SOS button / pendant notification**
  • ‘Schedule-in’ button (dash mounted)
  • Journey Management (alarm / siren if “sched-in” is missed)
  • Alerts via SMS or Email to multiple recipients
Typical applications:
  • Forestry
  • Resources
  • Exploration
  • Utilities
  • NFP (Not For Profit) Agencies
  • Government Agencies
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Contractors
  • Community Health Programs
  • Defence
  • Tourism
  • Parks & Wildlife
  • Security

next generation hybrid devices

Digital Matter are innovating once again and will have a G200 3G Iridium device in Q2 2018.   This device includes Bluetooth functionality that allows the driver to connect to the device from their smart phone via Bluetooth.  

This opens up exciting safety and operational functionality where there is no mobile coverage such as:
  • SOS Duress capability
  • Driver ID
  • Operator ID
  • Scheduling in (safety check-ins at predetermined times)
  • Journey Management
  • Job identification
  • 2 way messaging back to base over Satellite
The App is yet to be developed, but will be a leading edge solution for remote monitoring and safety of remote workers.