Medical Equipment Tracking Devices

Create an efficient solution for medical equipment tracking that provides real-time indoor/outdoor location reporting, temperature monitoring, and more.

Medical Equipment Tracking Solutions

Track and monitor critical equipment, machinery, and other hospital assets with smarter and more affordable indoor and outdoor medical equipment tracking solutions. Our battery-powered devices and Bluetooth ® Gateways can provide location tracking, temperature monitoring, impact detection, geofencing, theft prevention and recovery, and more.  

With ultra-rugged IP67 housing, industry-leading battery life, and wire-free installation options, our medical equipment tracking devices can be seamlessly integrated into any IoT system or tracking platform to monitor and manage medical equipment. 

Benefits of Medical Equipment Tracking

Benefits of medical equipment tracking include: 

Reduction of equipment loss from misplacement
– Reduction of equipment theft and increased recovery of equipment
– Reduction of maintenance cost and downtime
– Increased accuracy of inventory reporting
– Increased patient experience
– Real-time location of equipment when both indoors and outdoors
– Improved efficiency of staff

Track More for Less with Bluetooth® Low Energy

Digital Matter Bluetooth Gateway devices feature Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing for customizable conditional monitoring, inventory and asset management, impact detection, and more for medical asset management. 

With battery-powered and wired Gateway solutions, simple integration protocols, and hundreds of Bluetooth Low Energy tags, sensors, and beacons on the market, it’s now faster and more affordable than ever to protect, optimize, and derive more value from the assets that matter. 


Medical equipment application - real-time location

Real-time Location Tracking

Medical asset tracking devices provide real-time indoor/outdoor GPS tracking and positioning. Receive critical data reports to help improve and optimize hospital asset management. 

Medical equipment application - condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Monitor temperature, humidity, and moisture levels on sensitive inventory to ensure safety and compliance. Receive instant alerts when sensitive inventory is mishandled.  

Medical equipment application - inventory and asset management

Inventory and Asset Management

Hospital asset management provides full visibility of inventory and assets, providing real-time location tracking to actively manage equipment utilization and reduce downtime. Bluetooth Location Tags can be used to manage medical assets and inventory instead of a larger and more expensive GPS device. 


Medical equipment application - theft prevention

Theft Prevention

Reduce theft and damage of equipment with discreet battery-powered GPS medical asset tracking devices that feature movement and impact detection, geofencing, and theft recovery. Quickly switch to Recovery Mode in the case of theft, loss after-hours or unauthorized movement. 

Medical equipment application - preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Schedule maintenance alerts based on hospital equipment usage to reduce repair costs and equipment downtime. Using a routine maintenance schedule for hospital asset management will reduce future expenses that may occur due to damage or breakdown. 

Key Device Features for Medical Equipment Tracking

GPS Points

Indoor / Outdoor

GNSS, Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning, and Cell Tower location solutions for a complete indoor and outdoor hospital asset tracking system. 

Battery with black charge

Off-the-Shelf Batteries

Powered by off-the-shelf batteries with up to 10 years of battery life, featuring built-in battery life monitoring. 

Easy Install

Multiple installation options for covertly securing devices to assets with screws, bolts, cable ties, rivets, and more.

Rugged & Weatherproof

IP67-rated housing ensures medical asset management devices can withstand medical-grade cleaning chemicals, submersion for 30 minutes in 1m of water, and extreme temperatures. 

Bluetooth® Low Energy

Track smarter with our GPS and Bluetooth hospital asset tracking solutions. GNSS and Bluetooth Low Energy Gateways track location and scan for nearby tags or sensors to report on critical sensor data such as temperature, humidity, moisture, vibration, and more. 

Periodic or Movement-Based

Receive location updates regularly throughout the day or only when movement occurs with smart adaptive tracking technology. 

Theft Recovery

Switch to Recovery Mode in the case of theft or loss to activate live-tracking at 30-second ultra-rugged intervals for asse retrieval with a comprehensive hospital asset tracking system. 

Sleep Mode

Stationary hospital equipment tracking devices enter sleep mode, switching the update rate to only once per day until movement occurs to conserve battery life and optimize data usage. 

Impact Detection

Configure hospital equipment tracking device impact-detection alerts when g-forces are exceeded by a user-defined threshold. 

Global Support

Experienced support engineers for hardware, software, configuration, and integration guidance. 

Flexible Configuration

Configure device parameters such as heartbeat rate, movement, temperature, and more to fit any medical asset management needs. 

Medical Equipment Tracking Devices

The Digital Matter Difference

QUALITY matters

‘Good Enough’ is Not Enough For Your Critical Assets

Details matter. Our entire process is underpinned by a relentless attention to detail to consistently deliver solutions of the highest-possible quality and reliability.

POWER matters

The Power to Do More with ‘Deploy Once’ Battery Life

Through smarter design and better engineering we’re now able to achieve ‘deploy once’ battery life, significantly reducing operating costs and enabling deployments at scale.


Demand More From Your Devices

Easily configure your devices with full control over a rich set of device parameters. Send data to any end platform with multiple integration options.

SECURITY matters

Authenticated and Encrypted Everywhere

We implement comprehensive security protocols on our hardware and software to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your IoT data.

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