Guppy Bluetooth® Tag

Tech Specs


Bluetooth® Tag Bluetooth® 5.0 Industrial Tag
Bluetooth® Range +8dBm “standard” Bluetooth® – 195m
+8dBm “long-range” Bluetooth® – 330m
Transmit Mode is configurable
Bluetooth® Data • Device Serial Number
• Digital Matter Manufacturer Code
• Battery Voltage
• Transmit Power (used with RSSI for range estimates)
• Temperature
• Can be configured to broadcast in iBeacon format



User-Replaceable Batteries 2 x AAA
Battery Life Up to 5 years of battery life.
Supported Battery Types Alkaline
Lithium (LiFeS2) – recommended
*Please dispose of Lithium batteries in a safe and responsible manner



Input Voltage 2-3.6V DC
Sleep Current <30uA*
* 2-second beaconing at +8dBm



Dimensions 85 x 48 x 21 mm (3.35 x 1.89 x 0.83″)
Weight 59 g (2.08 oz)
Housing ABS Polycarbonate Plastic
IP Rating IP67 rated housing ensures device can withstand fine dust, high-pressure spray, submersion for 30 mins in 1m of water, and extreme temperatures.
Installation Compact and concealable. Multiple installation options for covertly and easily securing the device to assets with screws, bolts, cable ties, rivets, and more.
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Diagnostic LED Diagnostic LED signifies operation status.



Flexible Configuration Configure advertising period, power, and beacon format (broadcast as an iBeacon). Configuration is via freely available Android or iOS Bluetooth scanning apps.



Third-Party Integration Tag data sent via gateway device. Tag format available so third-party gateways may also be used.



Manufacturer’s Warranty One year manufacturer’s warranty.



Please contact us for a full list of compliance specifications and documentation for your region. Bluetooth® Certified

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