GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment

April 06 2023

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According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s (NICB) 2020 Equipment Theft Report, there were 11,117 reported cases of stolen heavy equipment, including construction equipment in 2020. Failure to implement an effective heavy equipment monitoring system on a construction site may result in numerous problems:

  • Increase the risk of accidents and injuries, as faulty or unsafe equipment may go undetected
  • Cause cost overruns and delays, as breakdowns and malfunctions can lead to additional repairs and replacement equipment
  • Reduced productivity and efficiency can result from poorly maintained equipment, and theft and loss can occur if equipment is not properly tracked
  • Compliance issues may also arise if regulations and standards are not met
  • Overall, it is essential to monitor and track equipment on a construction site to ensure the safety of workers, maintain productivity, and avoid unnecessary costs and delays!

Benefits of Construction Equipment GPS Tracking

Construction equipment GPS tracking is an essential tool for companies in the heavy equipment industry looking to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety. Monitoring and tracking heavy equipment allows companies to optimize their fleet management by tracking equipment usage and identifying opportunities to reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and improve safety. 

Incorporating a comprehensive construction equipment tracking system is essential for organizations to ensure their long-term success. GPS tracking can help prevent theft and unauthorized use of equipment, which can result in significant financial losses for construction companies.  

By monitoring the location and movement of equipment, companies can deploy and schedule resources more efficiently. This can lead to reduced downtime and increased productivity which ultimately saves time and money.  

Additionally, heavy equipment GPS tracking can provide real-time data on equipment usage, fuel consumption, and maintenance needs, allowing for better decision-making and more effective maintenance scheduling.

How to Track Construction Equipment

Utilizing GPS technology, companies can monitor the location and activity of their equipment in real time, giving them valuable insights into how their assets are being used (or underutilized).

Heavy equipment GPS tracking devices can be covertly installed on equipment of all sizes to transmit data such as location, speed, and other relevant information to a cloud-based platform. 

Real-time information enables companies with up-to-date data on equipment location, utilization, and maintenance needs. This information is crucial for organizations to optimize their operations by reducing downtime, improving scheduling, and increasing productivity.

GPS tracking for construction equipment can additionally help companies prevent theft by sending alerts if any equipment is moved out of a designated location or if it is used outside of working hours.

Heavy Equipment Tracking Device Features

Construction equipment GPS trackers from Digital Matter offer a large range of power, connectivity, and feature options that enhance visibility for construction assets in use and in storage.  

  • Wire-free battery-powered solutions for managing both powered (heavy equipment) and non-powered (bins, containers, tools)
  • Ultra-low power consumption to extend battery life and reduce battery changes, improving ROI
  • Theft recovery with real-time tracking alerts when switched to Recovery Mode
  • Geofencing allows for custom and configurable geofences that send alerts when heavy equipment moves in or out of specific locations  
  • Run hour monitoring to capture how often and when construction equipment is used
  • Ultra-rugged design that protects construction equipment GPS trackers from extreme environments, including varying temperatures, fine dust, high-pressure spray, and submersion.
  • Multiple installation options with screws, bolts, rivets, and cable ties that allow for easy and discrete installation.

Track More for Less with Bluetooth Low Energy

Implementing Bluetooth Low Energy in your construction equipment GPS tracking solution is a cost-effective way to connect more of the assets that matter. 

Several of our IoT asset tracking devices feature concurrent GPS, for highly accurate and reliable location tracking, as well as Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with nearby BLE tags, sensors and beacons. 

Gateway devices are often installed on heavy equipment to provide a full GPS tracking solution. Lower-cost Bluetooth tags and sensors are then installed on lower-value assets (such as tools or equipment attachments).  


Start Tracking Your Heavy Equipment Today

Digital Matter construction equipment GPS tracking offer the technology and support you need to grow and optimize your business. Get in touch with us today to discuss your heavy equipment tracking needs! 

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