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22nd May 2024

The Evolution of IoT Solutions: Emerging Technolog...

Explore the impact of emerging technologies on the evolution of IoT solutions, from artificial intelligence to edge comp...

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28th Feb 2024

Improving ATM Security with GPS Trackers

Learn how GPS tracking can be used to protect and enhance the security of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) with IoT tech...

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6th Feb 2024

Cargo Tracking with GPS Devices

Learn how to monitor the movement and location of goods during transportation to optimize supply chain operations.

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2nd Feb 2024

Run Hour Monitoring

One of the key reasons to make use of telematics devices and software is by monitoring Run/Engine hours and odometer rea...

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30th Jan 2024

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

Cold chain temperature monitoring devices allow businesses to store and transport their temperature-sensitive assets in ...

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23rd Jan 2024

Security by Design: How we protect your IoT device...

We have implemented comprehensive digital device security protocols to protect against attacks on the integrity and conf...

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7th Jan 2024

Portable GPS Trackers

Learn how portable GPS tracking devices provide real-time location to allow businesses to track their assets.

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17th Dec 2023

Smart Irrigation Scheduling

Discover the power of precision irrigation scheduling with Digital Matter's cutting-edge IoT data logger devices.

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