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12th Jul 2024

Quality Assurance at Scale – Digital Matter&...

At Digital Matter, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing IoT and telematic solutions that not only meet, but...

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3rd Jul 2024

Jostle Mode: Optimal Asset Utilization

Monitor stationary assets and construction equipment using Jostle Mode, for run hour tracking and rapid movement detecti...

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25th Jun 2024

Logistics Management and the Future of IoT Devices

In a world that demands hyperconnectivity, the drive for smart logistics solutions is on the rise. In the intricate web ...

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15th Jun 2024

Waste Management GPS Tracking

Integration-ready & globally scalable waste management GPS tracking devices designed for fleets, skip bins, portable toi...

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28th Feb 2024

Improving ATM Security with GPS Trackers

Learn how GPS tracking can be used to protect and enhance the security of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) with IoT tech...

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6th Feb 2024

Cargo Tracking with GPS Devices

Learn how to monitor the movement and location of goods during transportation to optimize supply chain operations.

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7th Jan 2024

Portable GPS Trackers

Learn how portable GPS tracking devices provide real-time location to allow businesses to track their assets.

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18th Sep 2023

Introducing the Barra Range – Enabling Low-C...

The Barra is our new low-cost, low-power device range that enables affordable and flexible indoor/outdoor IoT asset trac...

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