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27th Jul 2020

Oyster GPS with custom LoRaWAN® stack is now LoRa...

Featuring 5 years battery life, the Oyster GPS meets demands in industrial LoRaWAN® asset tracking and logistics vertic...

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1st Jul 2020

Dart2 Receives PTCRB Approval + AT&T Certific...

Digital Matter's Dart2 battery-powered tracking device is now PTCRB approved and certified for use on the AT&T Network i...

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27th May 2020

Nb-IoT Update – PCO Support

We have recently developed new firmware and a provisioning tool, to allow users to easily connect our latest range of de...

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30th Mar 2020

G120 Launch Webinar and FAQs

There were a number of important questions asked during our G120 Launch webinar on 26th March 2019.

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3rd Feb 2020

LoRaWAN® Oyster GPS and Guppy Tag Certified by Ob...

Digital Matter’s Oyster and Guppy Tag are now certified for use on Objenious’s LoRaWAN® network in France.

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28th Jan 2020

New Ultra-Rugged Nylon Glass Housing Available Soo...

Introducing the new Ultra-Rugged Nylon Glass housing for Digital Matter’s Oyster2, Remora2, and Yabby devices, designe...

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27th Jan 2020

GPS Devices for Pay as You Go Insurance Tracking

Pay as You Go (PAYG) Insurance, is personalized automotive insurance based on vehicle type, time and distance travelled,...

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21st Dec 2019

Solar vs Battery-powered GPS Trackers

The great debate: Solar vs Battery-powered devices. Which is more effective for tracking non-powered assets outdoors?

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