Introducing the Barra Range – Enabling Low-Cost, Low-Power IoT Asset Tracking at Scale

September 18 2023

Our mission is to help businesses connect, protect, and derive more value from their assets. As a leading global innovator, developer, and supplier of IoT solutions, we drive continuous innovation to enable our partners to deploy confidently at scale worldwide.

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We are excited to announce the expansion of our battery-powered IoT asset tracking portfolio with our new Barra device family for low-cost tracking and recovery!

The Barra range allows businesses to monitor assets that previously presented return on investment (ROI) hurdles due to the steep expenses linked with existing tracking solutions, including but not limited to pallet tracking, cargo, trolleys, packaging, and more.

The new range currently features three unique product variations—Barra Core, Barra Edge, and Barra GPS—to accommodate a broad range of deployments with varying location technology needs, accuracy requirements, and price points.

  • Lowest-Cost – Achieve higher ROI faster and enables deployments on low to mid-value assets
  • Improved Low-Power Design – 10+ years battery life on 2 x AA user-replaceable batteries
  • New Slim Form Factor Housing – Covertly install on a larger variety of assets and is less likely to get bumped or knocked
  • Magnetic Activation and Tamper Detection – Simplify and secure deployments with pre-provisioning and tamper alerts
  • Futureproof – Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT Connectivity

“We wanted to make a cellular-based tracker that is more affordable than most decent Bluetooth tags, has up to 10 years battery life, and still deliver the performance expected from a Digital Matter device,” says Ken Everett, CEO, Digital Matter. “I am very excited about the new markets that the Barra family opens up for our partners.”



Designed to be ‘deployed once’ with a battery life of over 10+ years, the Barra range substantially reduces device ownership and management costs by eliminating recharging cycles and frequent battery replacements, offering a more sustainable hardware option for businesses that require asset visibility versus a ‘one and done’ device.

In addition to enhanced low-power design, the Barra range encompasses a variety of new features designed to optimize functionality and streamline deployment. New rugged housing with a slim form factor can be covertly installed on a large variety of assets and supports magnetic tamper detection and activation to further simplify and secure deployments.

The Barra Range offers businesses not only indoor and outdoor location tracking but also the capability to monitor ‘impact’, such as when assets are dropped or mishandled during transit. This ensures the safe handling of assets while also providing exception reporting. 

The introduction of Digital Matter’s Barra series signifies a significant milestone in the IoT asset tracking sector. This innovation empowers businesses to leverage cost-effective, durable tracking solutions that offer outstanding performance and sustainability.

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For more information about the Barra range and how it can enable visibility for your business, please get in touch with our team today.

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