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2nd Apr 2019

What is Geofencing? New Feature – Geofence D...

Geofences can now be downloaded directly from Telematics Guru onto supported devices. This gives the device knowledge of...

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13th Feb 2019

Start Testing Yabby WiFi Location Sniffing

Start testing the Yabby WiFi battery-powered tracker with WiFi location tracking to manage assets indoors where even the...

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31st Oct 2018

Pay Per Message Billing Plan for IoT Assets

Digital Matter has introduced a new "pay per message" billing plan on the Telematics Guru platform.

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12th Sep 2018

Increase Margins

Six awesome tips to increase margins in your GPS asset tracking company, without having to make more sales*.

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9th Aug 2018

Telematics Guru – Speed Limit Monitoring Dev...

Telematics Guru's speed limit monitoring features include local speed limit lookup, speed limit by geofence, and speed l...

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25th May 2018

Rugged Battery-Powered Tracking Devices for Mygeot...

Digital Matter's battery-powered tracking devices are now live on the Geotab marketplace. We've done the integration wor...

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15th Mar 2018

Actility LoRaWAN® Integrated With Digital Matter

Digital Matter's Telematics Guru tracking platform now accepts data from Actility. Actility LoRaWAN® is a popular netwo...

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