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Lorawan® gps and iot devices

LoRaWAN® offers low-power transmissions of data over long range, with a flexible model allowing for both public and private networks. With many affordable gateways now available, it's easy to establish your own LoRaWAN network, covering areas such as remote mine sites, construction sites, depots, campuses and much more. 

If you are new to LoRaWAN, you may find our Introduction and Primer helpful!



  • Our LoRa devices support all global LoRaWAN regions across 866-928MHz
  • We have ported the Semtech stack to ensure control and quality of our firmware
  • In 2019 we released our own LoRaWAN stack, optimized for global battery-powered tracking
  • Multiple Power Options -  We offer both powered and long-life battery powered devices
  • Rugged and weatherproof IP67 Rated Housing to protect devices from harsh elements
  • Devices are well suited for asset tracking and smart farming / agtech applications
  • Firmware Smarts include: intelligently using accelerometers and GPS to provide asset location data while maintaining long battery life, and our "SensorX" range caters for a variety of sensors and inputs

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