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As the world leader in battery-powered tracking and asset location Digital Matter has embraced LoRaWAN technology to add a number of devices to our range.
LoRaWAN offers low-power transmissions of data over long range, with a flexible model allowing both public and private networks. With the many affordable gateways now available it is easy to establish your own LoRaWAN network covering mine sites, construction sites, depots, campuses and many other scenarios.

Digital Matter is a proud member of the LoRa Alliance, making sure we stay abreast of all developments in this market segment.

Our devices support all global LoRaWAN regions across 866-928MHz and we have ported the Semtech stack on to our devices to ensure that we maintain control and quality of our firmware. *UPDATE Feb2019 - Digital Matter has now released our own LoRaWAN stack which is optimized for battery-powered tracking, supports global regions, and allows us to move quickly to the new specifications. Read this article on the new stack.

We also build in smarts to allow you to configure devices as easily as possible, most of which can be done over-the-air.
The firmware 'smarts' includes intelligently using accelerometers, GPS and geo-location to provide asset location data while maintaining long battery life, plus our "SensorX" range caters for a variety of sensors and inputs.

We also engage in bespoke LoRaWAN device design and development building on the great set of existing designs, code blocks and experience we have.