U.S. Cargo Theft up by 41% Over Last Year

April 24 2023

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In the first 20 weeks of 2023, CargoNet stated that there have been over 900 reports of theft, fraud, and other kinds of criminal activity in the U.S. supply chain, a 41% increase from 2022. When compared to the first 20 weeks of 2022, there is a significant increase of 675% of fictitious pick and fraud complaints in 2023. 

According to TruckerNews, there is a potential for a significant surge during the upcoming long Memorial Day holiday, with businesses and warehouses being closed over the holiday period and a higher volume of goods being transported due to increased consumer demand.


GPS Tracking Solutions to Mitigate Cargo Theft


By leveraging battery-powered GPS trackers, logistics companies can significantly improve the security of their cargo shipments, deter theft attempts, and respond swiftly in case of any unauthorized activities. 

Battery-powered GPS trackers offer several benefits in preventing cargo theft:

Real-Time Location Tracking: Battery-powered GPS trackers can provide accurate and real-time (depending on how they are configured) location tracking of cargo shipments. This allows logistics companies and law enforcement agencies to monitor the whereabouts of valuable goods at all times. In the event of theft or unauthorized movement, the tracker can quickly pinpoint the location of the stolen cargo, increasing the chances of recovery.

Actionable Alerts: Battery-powered GPS trackers can send timely notifications and alerts in case of unauthorized movements or tampering. These alerts can be configured to trigger alarms, email notifications, or text messages to relevant parties, including security personnel, law enforcement, or the logistics company. Swift alerts enable prompt action, increasing the likelihood of recovering stolen goods and apprehending the culprits.

Geofencing Capabilities: GPS trackers often include geofencing features, allowing users to set virtual boundaries for their cargo shipments. If the shipment moves outside the predefined geographical area, the tracker will send an alert. Geofencing is especially useful in preventing cargo theft by triggering immediate notifications when cargo is taken off its intended route or enters restricted areas.

Evidence for Investigation and Prosecution: In the unfortunate event of cargo theft, battery-powered GPS trackers can provide valuable evidence for investigations and prosecutions. The detailed historical data and location information recorded by the tracker can help law enforcement agencies reconstruct the events leading up to the theft, identify potential culprits, and support criminal cases.

Cost-Effective Solution: Battery-powered GPS trackers are relatively affordable and offer a cost-effective solution for cargo security. Compared to traditional security measures, such as armed guards or complex surveillance systems, GPS trackers are a more economical option. Their ease of use, low maintenance requirements, and long battery life make them an attractive choice for logistics companies looking to enhance cargo security without significant additional expenses. 

Insurance Benefits: Many insurance companies offer reduced premiums for cargo shipments equipped with GPS tracking devices. The presence of GPS trackers demonstrates a proactive approach to cargo security, minimizing the risk of theft. Insurance companies may provide discounts or better coverage terms as a result, offering financial benefits to logistics companies. 

Build a Smarter Cargo Theft Solution

We offer the largest portfolio of battery-powered GPS asset tracking devices to support a wide range of applications, including cargo, parcel, and package tracking, trailer tracking, and more. 

Featuring indoor/outdoor location tracking, our Edge Range of tracking devices offers seamless monitoring of critical cargo as it moves between different environments. With reliable and precise tracking capabilities, they ensure real-time visibility throughout the entire transportation process. 

Several of our IoT asset tracking devices also feature concurrent GPS and Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with nearby BLE tags, sensors and beacons. 

With both wired and battery-powered Gateway solutions, our devices can be covertly installed in pallets, packaging, and equipment, or wired into high-value assets such as vehicles and trailers. In addition to providing real-time location data for that asset, the gateway devices will also continuously or periodically ‘listen for’ nearby BLE accessories, transmitting received data through Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT networks to your choice of IoT or Telematics platform. 

Our battery-powered GPS asset tracking devices also offer deploy-once battery life, ensuring uninterrupted tracking and reducing the need for frequent battery changes. With ultra-rugged and concealable designs, these devices provide durable and reliable performance, protecting assets from tampering or damage.  

Combined with indoor/outdoor location tracking and Bluetooth Low Energy Gateways, our solutions can deliver comprehensive visibility, efficient inventory management, and enhanced security for cargo tracking applications. 

To learn more about our battery-powered GPS tracking solutions, please get in touch with us!

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