Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

January 30 2024

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When temperature-sensitive assets and products are transported, they can easily be exposed to different conditions and temperatures that may cause them to be damaged or become unsafe for use. In a recent study by UPS, more than 30 percent of deliveries in the $76 billion global pharmaceutical logistics delivery market are reaching their destination with some degree of damage or spoilage. 


What is Temperature Monitoring?

Temperature monitoring is crucial in facilitating the optimal delivery of temperature, humidity, and moisture-sensitive assets in the supply chain process. Cold chain monitoring software is integrated with sensors and tags that can monitor the conditions of assets and provide real data that enables companies to manage their critical assets. IoT technology allows for conditional data to be collected for real-time temperature monitoring and management through cloud-based platforms.  


What are the benefits of Temperature Monitoring?

Many industries require their temperature-sensitive assets to stay in a regulated environment whilst in transit. Cold chain temperature monitoring devices and IoT technology assist in centralizing operations to actively monitor and regulate asset temperature across the entire supply chain process. A cold chain management solution is beneficial in increasing the distribution, maintaining the quality of products, and extending the shelf life of products.  Assets must always be stored and transported within the required temperature ranges 

Companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, or food and beverage industry can benefit the most from using a cold chain management solution in any transport and logistics operations that involve temperature-sensitive goods. The ability to monitor the conditions of assets ensures that they are not compromised at any point during transportation or storage. 


Real-time temperature monitoring

Real-time monitoring and data logging is crucial for temperature-sensitive assets when being stored and transported. Live tracking allows for remote cold chain monitoring for businesses to ensure and prove that the products are delivered uncompromised.  

Live updates allow managers to monitor temperatures and ensure that they remain within a predetermined range. If the temperature comes close to exceeding the chosen temperature range, the company can be sent an alert and they can then adjust either by raising or lowering the temperature and ensuring the integrity of their products remains.  


Safety and Compliance

Tracking and maintaining the safety and quality standards of temperature-sensitive assets is critical. A requirement for regulatory compliance on products across the food and beverage industry, as well as healthcare and pharmaceuticals, is the ability to monitor and log data on the temperature of goods.

With a temperature monitoring solution, companies can be confident in their products, maintaining their integrity and compliance standards and never becoming compromised during transportation or storage. Data provided by temperature trackers gives not only real-time updates but also a historical record that can be referenced to prove all safety and compliance standards have been met. 


Bluetooth® Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy enables companies to track and monitor their temperature-sensitive assets in real-time. Several of our devices act as double as Bluetooth® Gateways, which can connect with nearby Bluetooth accessories that can monitor the environmental conditions of assets and detect any temperature changes.  

Bluetooth Low Energy gateways and temperature trackers can be covertly installed whilst providing real-time location and conditional data for that asset. Our cold chain temperature monitoring devices are programmed to periodically or continuously scan for nearby BLE accessories and can then transmit data received through Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT networks to your choice of Telematics platform. 


Digital Matter Temperature Trackers

Digital Matter’s temperature monitoring solutions utilize wired and battery-powered GPS devices that, when combined with Bluetooth Low Energy tags and sensors, can deliver temperature information in near real-time depending on device type and configuration. Powered by off-the-shelf user-replaceable Lithium, Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC), or Alkaline batteries, they are engineered with a ‘deploy-once’ long battery life that can last up to 10+ years. 

Our temperature tracking devices are also ultra-rugged with an IP68-rated housing. Discrete and easy to conceal on an asset, reefer, or refrigerated container, tags, and trackers can be installed on non-powered assets or hardwired directly into a vehicle or trailer to create a temperature monitoring system. 

The flexible configuration of each device allows you to monitor the data you need most accurately, including adaptive tracking, which allows you to select regular or timed updates, sleep mode, and updates triggered by movement or accelerometer settings. 

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