Driver Tracking and Behavior Monitoring

April 23 2020

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Introducing our comprehensive driver behavior monitoring and GPS tracking solutions. At Digital Matter, we understand the importance of ensuring safety, optimizing fleet management, and reducing costs in any operation involving vehicles. That’s why we offer a range of state-of-the-art driver tracking devices and software designed to provide real-time insights into driver behavior and vehicle performance.


Benefits of a Driver Tracking System

Driver behavior tracking is an important safety and cost-saving measure. Our devices allow comprehensive driver behavior monitoring solutions with multiple flexible options to collect and review data gathered.

Comprehensive driver management systems with driver monitoring devices provide the following benefits:

  • Reducing costs as abuse, misuse, and theft of assets can be detected and prevented.
  • Ensuring compliance with law and regulation (see IVMS).
  • Recording driver safety monitoring data such as harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, and harsh braking to ensure safety regulation compliance.
  • Providing accountability with Driver ID identification.
  • Digitally logging speeding violations for safety.
  • Hours of work/driving logged for billing, payment, and proof of service.

Digital Matter driver tracker devices are engineered and manufactured to provide the best, most rugged tracking system for vehicles. Installation is simple and discreet so your overall GPS tracking system can be integrated into a full fleet easily and covertly. Flexible integration with a scalable and remote device management platform ensures that the implementation of driver safety monitoring systems is simple and secure.


Driver ID

In order to effectively monitor the behavior of drivers, we must first know who is driving!

Our driver monitoring devices support a range of driver ID options. Devices can be configured to sound a buzzer or immobilize an asset until a valid driver ID tag is scanned – meaning drivers can’t ‘forget’ to log on.

Driver ID

Driver Identification is an important safety tool, it allows people to be accounted for. It can also be used to ensure disciplinary action can be taken should a driver violate any laws or safety regulations.


Driver TrackingLocation Tracking

Know where your drivers are at all times – even when out of mobile coverage with fleet management and driver behavior devices. Get reports on important events such as accidents, rollovers, and overspeed events. This is fundamental to ensuring the safety of workers and the public.

Geofence alerts allow keep-out and no-go zones to be established. Driver monitoring software logs the time drivers spend at locations and can be tracked and leveraged to optimize workflow, reducing dead time, and preventing time theft. Get an alert if your employees are where they shouldn’t be during work hours!


Speed Monitoring

Monitor speeding events via reports and alerts with a driver safety monitoring system. Speed reports can be used to discipline drivers, assign speeding fines to the offending driver rather, and prove compliance to authorities.

Devices can be installed to provide in-cab alerts and feedback to drivers when over the speed limit.

Speed Monitoring

Harsh Event Monitoring

Our devices are fitted with 3-axis Accelerometers to provide harsh event monitoring. Receive instant notifications if a driver is involved in an accident so immediate, life-saving action can be taken.

Harsh breaking measurements, harsh acceleration, and harsh cornering alerts (and in-cab feedback) prevent vehicle abuse and promote safe driving.


Engine Hours and Idling

Report on trip times, moving time, and idle time. These metrics can be used to:

  • Monitor the odometer and run hours of an asset for preventative maintenance
  • Bill customers by time or distance
  • Detect when vehicles are left running unnecessarily, wasting fuel


In-Vehicle Alerts

Truck driver monitoring system devices can be configured to provide feedback to the driver via an externally wired buzzer or internal buzzer on some devices for a hassle-free installation.

Notify drivers when:

  • They have been driving too long (driver fatigue)
  • They are over a set speed
  • On harsh driving events
  • A seatbelt is undone, or a secondary piece of equipment (e.g. a pump) is left running along with the engine.

Speed limits can be based upon geofences – so feedback can be provided when a driver is on-site to keep their speed below the site’s maximum speed.

Get in touch with us today to discuss our driver behavior monitoring and GPS driver tracking solutions.

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