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August 27 2023

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GPS tracking has become a vital tool in the field of security. It can be used to track the movement of valuable assets to ensure their protection and safety. There are several reasons why security GPS tracking is an effective tool for enhancing protection measures. It can provide businesses with: 

  1. Real-time tracking of the location and movements of assets being tracked allows security personnel to respond quickly to any potential security threats. 
  2. Improved visibility into the movement of assets, enabling companies to identify and mitigate potential risks. 
  3. Increased efficiency by automating many security processes, reducing the need for manual monitoring, and improving overall efficiency. 
  4. Enhanced safety to help ensure asset security, preventing incidents such as theft or other criminal activities. 

GPS security tracking is a powerful tool for improving protection and safety measures in a wide range of settings, from commercial and industrial facilities to public spaces and transportation networks.


Real-Time Location

Anti-theft GPS trackers provide real-time location data, making it easier to increase asset security. The trackers can be attached to valuable assets such as vehicles, equipment, or inventory, allowing businesses to monitor their movement and whereabouts. Real-time location data enables companies to identify potential security risks and take action before any significant damage occurs.  

In the case of theft, GPS security trackers can provide the location of the stolen asset, making it easier for businesses to recover it quickly. Anti-theft tracking devices can also help prevent unauthorized use of company assets by detecting if the asset is being used outside of normal business hours or in areas where it should not be. This data can be used to alert security personnel or law enforcement, enabling them to respond quickly and prevent any further damage or loss.



Geofencing technology can significantly enhance asset security when used in conjunction with anti-theft tracking devices.

Geofencing creates virtual boundaries around a particular area, and when an asset equipped with a GPS security tracker enters or leaves the designated area, an alert is triggered. This provides real-time information on the asset’s location, allowing businesses to monitor and secure their assets more effectively.  

Geofencing can be set up around specific locations, such as storage facilities, warehouses, or construction sites, to ensure that assets do not leave these areas without authorization. This technology can also be used to alert security personnel when an asset leaves a predefined area, enabling them to take immediate action to prevent theft or unauthorized use.

Using geofencing technology with anti-theft GPS trackers improves asset security by providing real-time alerts and enabling businesses to monitor and secure their assets more effectively.


Impact and Tip Detection

Impact and tip detection technology and anti-theft GPS trackers can significantly improve asset security.  

Movement sensors can detect any sudden impact or tilting of the asset, which could indicate unauthorized movement, accidents, or attempts to steal the asset. This information can trigger an alert that is sent to the security team or business owner, allowing them to take immediate action to secure the asset.  

The combination of security GPS tracking, impact and tip detection technology, and real-time alerts can provide businesses with valuable insights into the location of valuable assets. By receiving real-time alerts, businesses can take proactive steps to minimize the risk of asset damage, ensuring that their assets remain in good condition and reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

In summary, using impact and tip detection technology with GPS trackers can provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for asset security, allowing them to detect and respond to security risks quickly and efficiently.


After-Hours Alerts

After-hour alerts, when used with GPS security trackers, can increase the safety and protection of valuable assets and equipment. These alerts notify businesses when an asset equipped with a GPS security tracker is used outside of normal business hours. This information can be crucial in identifying unauthorized use or potential theft.

For instance, if a vehicle is being used outside of business hours, an alert can be triggered, and the security team can investigate immediately. By receiving real-time alerts, businesses can take immediate action to prevent unauthorized use or theft, reducing the risk of damage or loss. 


Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is a feature available in all Digital Matter devices and can significantly improve GPS security tracking. This mode, once activated, will start sending location data from the anti-theft tracking device to the business, enabling them to locate the asset. This feature can be invaluable in the event of theft or loss, as businesses can quickly track down the stolen asset and recover it.  

By providing valuable information about the real-time location, companies can act faster in recovering their stolen assets. The recovery mode on Digital Matter’s GPS trackers can provide businesses with an additional layer of asset security, enabling them to track down stolen or lost assets quickly and efficiently and reducing the risk of damage or loss. 

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