In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS)

April 17 2020

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What is IVMS?

In-vehicle monitoring Systems (IVMS) is a system whereby from a central place of management, vehicle usage, driver ID and driver behaviors can be monitored for compliance.

IVMS devices and vehicle monitoring system software are used in a variety of industries to ensure compliance with safety regulations, as well as for monitoring the movement and locations of vehicle assets while in route, or even in remote job locations. Depending on the industry, the required implementation and specifications may differ.


What is an IVMS Tracker?

IVMS vehicle monitoring systems enable businesses to actively manage and monitor their fleet by recording data with high-precision GNSS tracking devices. IVMS vehicle tracking systems use hardware and software that tracks and collects data during the vehicle’s operation. This allows managers and stakeholders to actively manage fleets and drivers to ensure optimal performance, as well as ensure strict safety compliance through the use of vehicle speed monitoring devices.

Often installed covertly to avoid driver tampering, IVMS can make a large impact on the bottom line of your business. In-vehicle monitoring systems also act as speed-monitoring devices. Installing speed-tracking devices will encourage drivers to slow down and drive more carefully. In addition, IVMS devices can detect other driver-specific safety measures, such as utilizing seatbelts, driver fatigue, and accident detection. These are all key GPS in-vehicle monitoring system features.

Increased management of drivers and fleets with a comprehensive IVMS in full form can result in other operational savings by increasing fuel efficiency and reducing common wear and tear on vehicles when drivers are more cognizant and cautious with the impacts of their driving behavior.

Digital Matter’s IVMS tracking devices offer both capabilities of active and passive in-vehicle monitoring system tracking. Active IVMS tracking includes providing real-time data reports, while passive monitoring stores data when a vehicle and subsequent device moves out of coverage or cellular range (Iridium satellite connectivity required).

IVMS Capabilities

Driver ID

Our GPS tracking devices for IVMS support Multiple Driver ID Options, including iButton®, RFID cards, and Wiegand. In many cases, the current cards in use on a worksite can also be configured with our devices and integrated with any truck monitoring software. Smart firmware features like the ability to “buzz on start” until a valid ID is scanned, or immobilize the vehicle without a valid ID ensures that drivers tag on.


Driver Behavior – Accident, Rollover, and Harsh Event Detection

The 3-Axis accelerometer used in our devices enables accelerometer-based monitoring and alerts such as accident, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and harsh cornering. Real-time feedback can also be provided to drivers via a buzzer. Real-time notifications can be configured to be sent via email, SMS, or app push notifications so key personnel are immediately notified if there is an incident.


Vehicle Speed Monitored by GPS

  • Our vehicle speed monitoring devices track and report speed using their GPS modules and comprehensive speeding reports by the driver are available for download.
  • In-vehicle speeding alerts (buzzing) with user-defined speed limits based on Geofences are also possible.
  • Geofences can be downloaded to the device so the device has knowledge of which speed it should buzz at, depending on its location.


Panic/Duress and In-Vehicle Event Monitoring

The digital inputs on several of our GPS devices allow for a customizable range of in-vehicle monitoring.

  • Connect a panic button/switch to a digital input — wireless or in-vehicle buttons can be sourced and fitted.
  • Digital inputs can also be connected to other on/off vehicle features such as seatbelts, doors, 4WD, or handbrakes.
  • Reports, alerts, and in-vehicle feedback can be generated for various events such as vehicle movement without a seatbelt, 4WD, door open/close, and more.


Driver Fatigue Monitoring

Real-time in-vehicle alerts can be set up for when a driver has been driving for a configurable period of time as a warning that they must pull over and take a break. IVMS tracking systems reports on the length of trip time are readily available and can be scheduled to monitor drivers’ adherence to these guidelines.


Out-Of-Coverage Location Reports

Most IVMS system requirements call for real-time reporting on vehicle tracking and driver behaviors. This can be a challenge if vehicles and staff are active on worksites that do not have adequate cellular coverage, or assets frequently roam in and out of coverage.

Some devices, offer real-time tracking systems for trucks and also include a hybrid solution with an Iridium Edge® Module that provides out-of-coverage vehicle tracking using GPS and utilizing the Iridium Satellite Constellation that includes coverage all over the globe. This means workers and vehicles in remote locations can be tracked beyond GPS coverage — anywhere in the world.

When the device is within coverage it uses the cellular modem, which is much more affordable than Iridium airtime.

  • When the device can no longer join the cellular network, it switches to the Iridium Network.
  • The use of concurrent GPS/GNSS, Cellular, and Iridium ensures assets are tracked anywhere in the world, even when the asset roams in and out of GPS coverage.

Iridium tracking ensures that fleet managers can remain actively engaged with lone and remote workers, ensuring safety of workers and assets with devices that are capable of sending signals of duress or rollover alerts no matter where they are.


Tracking Solutions for IVMS

Digital Matter engineers and manufactures vehicle monitoring devices with capabilities to serve the unique needs and pain points of managing and tracking drivers and fleets. Our in-vehicle monitoring and driver monitoring devices include a speed monitoring system among other vehicle tracking system features.

Our GPS in-vehicle tracking system features include high-precision GPS to track the location and movement of the vehicle. We offer vehicle-powered and battery-powered hardware solutions for different use cases. Each device provides unique solutions, from ultra-rugged IP67 housing to built-in buzzers for in-cab alerts and monitoring. With optional configurations, our vehicle monitoring devices also include capabilities to interface for driver ID, accident and rollover detection, run hour monitoring, and remote immobilization options to safely disable assets.

In the event of vehicle loss or theft, our remote vehicle monitoring devices can be utilized to aid in asset tracking and recovery mode with real-time tracking.

Our devices are also integration-ready and can be used in any IVMS or vehicle tracking software. Learn more about Integration Options here. To learn more about Digital Matter’s IVMS solutions please get in touch with a specialist today!

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