Real-Time Transportation Visibility

December 07 2022

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Unreliable, inconsistent, and fractured is a common assumption about the data that comes from assets as they are transported through a supply chain. Businesses can spend hours checking information from multiple sources and still end up with outdated details or incomplete data on where and how their critical assets are being handled. 

It is crucial for businesses to receive correct and timely data about status, location and estimated time of arrival, conditional reports, and the means of transportation and who is involved in the process to increase real-time transportation visibility and reduce any inefficiencies or incidents. 


What is RTTVP?:

Real-time transportation visibility platforms, or RTTVP, provide businesses with real-time insights into the movement and location of goods or assets as they move through a supply chain. With accurate real-time data, businesses have full visibility of their goods at all times of the transportation process and can provide precise arrival estimates.  

Often combining cloud-based technology and GPS tracking devicesreal-time transportation visibility platforms provide not only accurate arrival time estimates but also give up-to-date information on the location and conditions of assets during each stage of the transportation process up until delivery. GPS devices are used to send data to RTTVPs and allow anyone with access to the platform to easily retrieve and interpret the information.  


What are the Benefits of RTTVP?:

Incorporating an RTTVP into your supply chain process can have many benefits for organizations and provide greater transparency and insights into the logistics of transportation. The key benefits are reducing costs and optimizing time spent by businesses during the transportation of assets. The ability to automate processes also reduces the risk of human error and increases the reliability of the data.  


Real-Time Location

Up-to-date, reliable data is highly beneficial in gaining greater transportation visibility. Real-time location provides live monitoring and tracking of goods and assets with accurate location updates. As assets travel nationally and internationally, dependable information on the location of goods and assets can provide full real-time transportation visibility during all stages of the shipping process.  


Optimized Operations

Utilizing IoT technology allows businesses to monitor and manage their assets and optimize their operations to their fullest potential. Real-time transportation visibility provides data on which assets are being utilized and which are sitting idle and not being used. Settings can be adjusted to send notifications for when assets might need to be scheduled for routine maintenance and upkeep, reducing the chance of any unexpected repair costs.  


Reduced Risk

Utilizing an RTTVP takes out the possibility of human error, leading to incomplete data that is not accurate. The automation of information being sent from GPS devices straight to a cloud-based platform that can interpret the information for its users. Compared to the manual process of humans recording and interpreting data, incorporating technology ensures more reliable information. 


Theft Prevention

RTTVPs can be helpful for theft prevention and recovery should your assets get stolen. The discreet installation of GPS devices that can send real-time location data to the platform provides full visibility. Should the asset become stolen, the owner can be notified through the RTTVP and is able to switch the device into recovery mode to be recovered.  


Digital Matter RTTVP Solutions

At Digital Matter, we have a wide range of battery-powered and wired GPS devices that can be incorporated into an RTTVP and provide a solution for your transportation visibility needs. All our devices are ultra-rugged in design and have IP68-rated housing, allowing for them to withstand even the toughest conditions.  

Our wired options are traditionally used to track and monitor assets such as vehicles and trailers. These devices can be easily installed and provide full transportation visibility. Our battery-powered options provide transportation visibility across a wide range of assets, such as shipping containers, pallets, crates, and more.

Using off-the-shelf user-replaceable batteries, they can provide frequent updates with near-real-time asset-level visibility for up to 10+ years. Their compact design and multiple installation options make them versatile for a variety of applications. 

All Digital Matter devices are integration-ready and compatible to send data to any existing real-time transportation platform. Digital Matter’s devices offer the technology, tools, and support for all of your real-time transportation visibility needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss which of our options is right for you! 

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