Shopping Cart & Trolley Tracking Systems

August 17 2022

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A trolley tracking system with durable, accurate, long-life battery shopping cart tracking devices offers a highly efficient method to track the location and utilization of shopping carts, reduce trolley theft, and improve your bottom line.

Shopping Cart GPS Tracking Solutions

Misplaced, lost, or stolen shopping carts without a trolley tracking system result in up to $800 million of costs per year around the globe. Not only do misplaced and stolen shopping carts affect a business directly from replacement and retrieval costs, but they also impact communities by increasing costs of groceries and goods for a business to recuperate replacement and retrieval costs and contribute to dangerous litter in community spaces.

Incorporating a comprehensive trolley management system with GPS tracking for shopping carts and shopping cart anti-theft devices that send alerts when shopping carts and trolleys leave predetermined locations allows businesses to quickly recover and manage trolley assets before incurring expenses that directly impact the bottom line of their business.


Trace with GPS Trolley Trackers

Trolley tracking systems with Digital Matter GPS shopping cart tracking devices are simple and easy to implement at scale. Our shopping cart tracking devices are small and discreet with durable and rugged weatherproof housing and extremely long battery life, simplifying installation, implementation, and maintenance for both indoor and outdoor trolley management.

Once shopping cart tracking devices are attached, devices can be configured to the specific applications of your business —  utilizing tamper alerts, movement-based tracking and run hour monitoring, impact detection, geofencing, and one-touch trolley theft Recovery Mode features.

Managing and utilizing the various features of our shopping cart tracking devices for a comprehensive trolley tracking system allows business owners and managers to get the data they need, when they need it, not only for recovery solutions but to optimize and properly manage trolley assets and make decisions based on consumer behavior collected discreetly from GPS trolley tracker devices.


Trolley Tracking Use Cases

Grocery Stores

Reduce costly trolley theft and shopping cart losses with misplaced trollies using one-touch recovery mode that sends alerts every 30 seconds for quick and efficient retrieval.

Large Shopping Centers

Quickly identify broken shopping carts for replacement and optimize trolley storage, redistribution, and access locations with collected data from GPS trolley trackers to create better shopping experiences.


Optimize trolley fleets with trolley tracking systems that detect location, movement, and dispersal through GPS trolley trackers, allowing site managers to optimize redistribution and determine if trolley fleet pools can be improved through expansion or reduction.

Garden Centers and Nurseries

Increase visibility for garden center, nursery, greenhouse carts, and trolleys with high usage and movement around the facility. GPS trolley trackers for cart inventories can also be leveraged for carts and trolleys in transit while delivering goods from location to location.


Battery-Powered Devices for GPS Trolley Tracking

Build a better GPS trolley tracking solution with the largest portfolio of battery-powered IoT asset tracking devices across a range of location and connectivity technologies.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how our devices can support your shopping cart and trolley tracking needs!

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