Yabby3 Battery-Powered GPS for LoRaWAN® Now Available

May 29 2023

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Digital Matter, a global leader in low-power GPS and IoT hardware development, today announced that the Yabby3 battery-powered GPS asset tracking device for LoRaWAN networks powered by Murata’s Type1SJ LoRaWAN module is now available globally.

The Yabby3 for LoRaWAN is a compact and ultra-rugged battery-powered GPS asset tracking device that provides accurate location and movement tracking via the same advanced low-power GNSS technology found in wearables.

Designed for ultra-low power consumption, the Yabby3 for LoRaWAN features over 7 years of battery life on 3 x AAA user-replaceable batteries, 4x the battery life of the previous generation. ‘Deploy Once’ battery life significantly reduces deployment and operating costs for businesses by eliminating frequent battery changes or recharging cycles.

With a compact form factor, the Yabby3 can be attached to assets such as cargo and inventory, pallets, trolleys, equipment and tools, returnables, and more to provide location and movement tracking as well as theft recovery. Livestock collar housing is also available for comfortably securing devices to livestock or other wildlife.

Yabby3 for LoRaWAN® - Murata

“The logistical cost of having to maintain and service batteries has been a barrier to the broader adoption of many IoT devices,” says Andre Blignaut, Managing Director, Digital Matter Europe. “The battery life and performance advancements on the Yabby3 and its compact form factor will allow our LoRaWAN partners to target new applications in the rapidly evolving IoT asset tracking market while substantially decreasing device operating costs.”

The Yabby3 for LoRaWAN is available in a single SKU with support across 868 and 902-928 MHz, simplifying global deployments. Comprehensive documentation and a flexible and open payload format also make integrating the Yabby into public or private LoRaWAN networks simple, and the device can be easily configured using downlinks or Digital Matter’s DM-LINK configuration tool.

Type 1SJ (LBAA0QB1SJ) module is one of the smallest LoRaWAN modules in the industry with just 10.0 × 8.0 × 1.6 mm, based on second-generation Semtech SX1262 radio frequency IC (RFIC) and also featuring an open STM32L0 microcontroller (MCU) from STMicroelectronics along with an RF switch and 192kB of Flash memory and 20kB of RAM.

It includes multiple communication interfaces UART / I2C / SPI / ADC / USB, and various GPIOs to directly connect peripherals. Low power consumption enables to extend battery life of up to several years with a Transmission Peak 112 mA @22dBm, Receive current 15.5mA and Sleep current 1.3uA. Max output power can be set up to +22dBm to extend communication range, and by leveraging Adaptive Data Rate (ADR) achieve an optimal performance trade-off to meet the most demanding requirements, especially in areas such as asset tracking, utilities, agriculture, smart cities, smart buildings, industrial and other IoT applications. The module supports ISM bands from 868 MHz to 916 MHz, including those used in Europe, USA, India, and the Pacific Rim for deployment globally, and radio Law certifications have already been obtained for major regions. The resin mold package provides physical ruggedness, allowing the module to operate across the temperature range −40ºC to +85 ºC.

“By collaborating with Digital Matter, a global leading Asset Tracking solutions provider, we would like to provide the industry with a turn-key LoRaWAN® Asset Tracking Solution”, said Akira Sasaki, General Manager – IoT Group, Murata. “We are looking forward to bringing such innovation and additional value to the market for companies requiring to track their assets.”

LoRaWAN® is a mark used under license from the LoRa Alliance®.

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