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GPS tracking for fleet management

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Our versatile and award-winning gps tracking devices and software helps you keep track of more than just where the vehicles in your fleet are. Start capturing actionable data on real-time vehicle locations, routes, historical trip views, speed, idling, fuel usage and more with our range of GPS fleet management solutions.

& Versatile Device Range

Our GPS trackers for fleet management include Plug and Play OBD devices, powered devices, and battery-powered IP67 waterproof, dust and UV resistant devices for tracking fleets in extreme environments.

Our range of battery powered devices have industry-leading reliability and an average battery life of 5-10 years depending on the use case.
Fleet Management Tracking Devices

Locate & monitor FLEETS remotely

Remotely monitor your entire fleet in one place, on desktop or via our mobile app with real-time tracking. Fleet management is made simple with our OTA Device Management Server and Telematics Guru Tracking Software.

Already have tracking software or an ERP? We also integrate with existing platforms.

In Vehicle Monitoring Systems

In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) is a system whereby from a central place of management, vehicle usage, driver ID and driver behaviours can be monitored for compliance. Depending on the industry, required implementation and specifications may differ.

Our GPS tracking devices and Telematics Guru Tracking Software is feature-rich, flexible and can be configured to meet many common IVMS requirements.

Unauthorised Use Prevention
& Maintenance Alerts

Prevent unauthorised drivers from starting vehicles in your fleet.

Configure custom geofences and breach alerts when vehicles are operating outside of assigned work sites or work hours.

Primary and secondary run hours and odometer readings can be used for scheduling maintenance jobs and reminders to proactively protect your vehicle's health.


  • ATO-Compliant Logbooks
  • Quickly establish business versus private use to minimuse FBT liability
  • Eliminate expensive and time consuming FBT admin and management
  • Reduce error-causing manual driver inputs


GPS tracking devices make it simple to streamline fuel tax credit claims with the ATO.

Telematics reports provide full transparency and audibility while saving businesses time and money.

Maximise FTC claims by reporting on exact movement, location, on and off-road usage and more to increase your returns.


from Kevin McDonald
General Manager, Business Improvement

"MSS Security has been a customer of Digital Matters for over 3-years with our fleet of over 100 operational vehicles tracked nationally for location monitoring and driver safety.With a high percentage of our vehicles in regional and remote locations such as mines, education facilities and defence bases
Digital Matter vehicle tracking and monitoring is a critical part of our service delivery capability. The ability to now utilise this data to accurately and efficiently calculate Fuel Tax Credits is yet another valuable component of Digital Matter’s offering to MSS Security."

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