Fuel Level Monitoring

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Monitoring the fuel level in a fleet of vehicles using GPS tracking devices can provide accurate information regarding fuel consumption, dispense and purchases, whilst also notifying you of potential thefts with real-time alerts. This can lead to a reduction in operating costs and an increase in the fleet's efficiency.

Fuel Usage Monitoring – Track and monitor fuel level consumption in your fleet of vehicles.

Reporting and Alerts - Track and monitor fuel levels and receive instant notifications if a tank has been drained.

Fuel Theft Monitoring - Understand where, when and how much fuel was drained from the vehicle.

G120 for fleet management & fuel monitoring 

The G120 is an advanced 2G or 4G Cat-M1/NB-IoT GPS used for tracking vehicles, fleets, driver behaviour monitoring, driver ID, ignition and fuel monitoring, and more. 

Features GPS/GLONASS and Bluetooth 5.0 modules and a variety of customisable inputs and outputs for sensor monitoring applications such as fuel monitoring. 

Fuel level monitoring with the G120

Bluetooth for fuel monitoring

The G120 also serves as a Bluetooth gateway - enabling local communication with other tagged assets for affordable and efficient asset management and sensor monitoring applications. 

A wireless fuel level sensor can be integrated with the G120 to provide data on remaining fuel volumes, fuel tank fill-up and drainage volumes.  
Dart 2 for Vehicle Tracking with Driver ID

Reporting and Alerts in
Fuel Monitoring

The G120 reports a collection of information about the tag (eg. the fuel tank level of a vehicle) and sends it to Telematics Guru or a third-party tracking platform, where you can receive instant notifications.

Already have tracking software or an ERP? Our devices also integrate with existing platforms.

Tracking using battery powered devices