Asset Tracking with Bluetooth

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bluetooth asset tracking

Our new range of GPS tracking devices and IoT sensors also serve as Bluetooth® Gateways, enabling local communication with other tagged assets and mobile devices.


Automatic Inventory Management - A Bluetooth tag is attached to each item of stock. The number of tags that report to a gateway can be used to count the stock level at a location.

Monitoring Equipment Across Multiple Sites - A gateway is placed at each site. The gateway to which a tag is reporting to indicates which site the tagged asset is located.

Hire and Rental Equipment - Monitoring equipment entering/leaving the yard based upon whether it is in range of a gateway or not.

Bin Location Tracking - Knowing where bins were dropped off and by which truck. The truck will contain a gateway device, and when the tag attached to the bin is 'lost' (out of range of the gateway) - the bin has been dropped off at this location. 

Trailer Tracking - With automatic scanning of which pallets are on the trailer. A gateway device would be attached to the trailer and a BLE tag on each pallet.

how it works

  • ​The battery powered Remora2 GPS tracking device, or powered G120 tracking device both feature concurrent GPS and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Tracking devices are mounted or wired into high-value assets, or concealed onsite
  • Guppy Bluetooth Tags, Sensornode Bluetooth, or third-party tags are then placed on lower-valued assets, like pallets, stocks and tools
  • The gateway device reports a collection of information about the tag and sends to Telematics Guru or third-party tracking platforms
Bluetooth Gateways and Tagged Assets


The Remora2 is a rugged IP67 Rated GPS tracking device designed for tracking non-powered assets where extremely long battery life is required, featuring:

  • Up to 10 years of battery life at once daily GPS location, 5 years once hourly
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for tag scanning
  • Frequency of scans can be configured based on application
  • Built-in Battery Meter for accurate battery life predictions
  • Magnetic Tamper Detect
Remora 2 Battery Powered GPS with Bluetooth Gateway


The G120 is an advanced GPS tracking device with a variety of inputs and outputs, designed for vehicle tracking and driver behaviour monitoring.

  • 24/7 Vehicle Monitoring with Ignition Detecion
  • Multiple inputs and outputs for measuring triggers (SOS Duress Buttons/Pendants, Seatbelt and 4WD Status, Emergency Lights Usage, Door Open / Closed)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for continuous scanning of tags
  • Plug and Play RS232 can be used to connect an Iridium Module for tracking in remote environments
G120 GPS Bluetooth Gateway


The SensorNode Bluetooth® is an IP67 rated Bluetooth enabled sensor for affordable asset monitoring with a configurable I2C interface.

  • Does not require a SIM or data plan
  • Can be hardwired into a vehicle or battery powered with up to 4 years battery life using 3 x AA off the-shelf batteries
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for sending asset data to gateway
  • I2C interface for a wide range of sensor integrations such as temperature, humidity, vibration, CO2 gas and more
Sensornode Bluetooth Tag


The Guppy is a compact and rugged IP67 rated Bluetooth Tag, perfect for affordable asset monitoring
  • Does not require a SIM or data plan
  • Runs off just 2 x AAA batteries for up to 5 years
  • Bluetooth 4.2 for sending asset data to gateway
  • Readily attached to almost anything to provide low cost asset location
  • Particularly useful for low value or smaller assets​ where GPS is not required
Guppy Bluetooth Tag