IoT Predictive Maintenance Monitoring with Sensyrtech and the Oyster Edge

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Learn how Sensyrtech is utilizing the Oyster Edge to provide turnkey equipment visibility, utilization, and IoT predictive maintenance monitoring for industrial businesses.


IoT Solutions for Industry 4.0

Founded in 2020, Sensyrtech is a US-based IoT solutions provider that helps industrial businesses derive real value from their critical assets.

Providing turnkey and customizable solutions for managing industrial operations, Sensyrtech’s unique IoT platform helps businesses prevent costly downtime, equipment damage, and streamline staff collaboration.

Working closely with a Fortune 500 manufacturer of industrial tools, Sensyrtech has designed a custom solution to track natural gas pipelines being built globally and optimize maintenance lifecycles on critical welding equipment.


IoT Predictive Maintenance with the Oyster Edge and Bluetooth Low Energy®

With over 5000 machines in use today, the manufacturer required a robust battery-powered GPS asset tracking device to track the location and movement of their equipment.

In addition to seamless indoor/outdoor location tracking, the Oyster Edge supports global roaming on Cellular LTE-M (Cat-M1) and NB-IoT networks, enabling asset-level visibility as the machines are stored and transported globally.

The Oyster Edge also functions as an optional Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway and integrates with hundreds of third-party or custom Bluetooth accessories. A custom-designed Bluetooth sensor built by Sensyrtech is connected to the welding machine’s pressure sensors to compute run cycles. The data collected provides maintenance and production teams with critical insights on usage, enabling smarter predictive maintenance management and scheduling.

“Over-maintenance was a problem for the manufacturer,” says Mohammed Khambaty, Lead Solutions Architect at Sensyrtech. “Even if the machine was only used for a quarter of the time, mechanics were doing 100% maintenance which usually is not necessary, costing the company anywhere between $5,000 – $10,000.”

Utilization monitoring with IoT technologies also allows the manufacturer to invoice contractors based on actual usage.

“If the manufacturer has only given the customer 1000 cycles, and the customer uses 1500, that’s money lost that can now be reconciled utilizing our IoT system,” says Khambaty.


Sensyrtech is a smart fleet maintenance platform – built for manufacturing and industrial firms to predictively monitor their assets with 100+ different sensors, centralize maintenance collaboration, and track them with pinpoint accuracy across the world.

“The Oyster Edge is a very robust and deployment-ready device,” says Mohammed. “We were able to go offer global IoT asset tracking and visibility to our clients basically out of the box, which has been extremely helpful for us to get to market faster.”

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