GPS Tracking for Packages

Each year, billions of packages are shipped around the world. From supply chain to online shopping orders, there is no end to the number of packages and parcels traveling around the world to their final destination. Of the billions of packages shipped each year, more than 1 in 10 disappear without explanation in major US cities alone. With more and more packages and parcels being shipped across the world, the risk of those packages being lost, stolen, or damaged during the shipment process increases exponentially. 

Package theft is additionally just as common as parcels being lost or misplaced. As more people shift to online shopping and products across the world become more easily available comes the increased risk of having your parcel or package stolen. Last year, 64.1% of Americans were victims of package theft — a 36% increase from the prior year, according to a survey done by Safewise. Of the packages that are delivered, many arrive damaged. This can be caused by numerous events, including impact and temperature changes during shipment. With more and more packages being stolen, misplaced, or delivered damaged, businesses and individuals are wanting a way to track and monitor their packages to ensure safe delivery.


Benefits of Tracking Packages 

When sending and receiving packages, there are many benefits to being able to track and monitor your parcels. Utilizing package tracking software allows operators and distributors to be notified of any issues that might occur during the shipping process. Should this incident occur, distributors are able to address the issue immediately and before the product reaches the customer, saving money on returns or refunds, and dealing with customer complaints. Having full supply chain visibility of where your package or assets are at all times and being able to monitor the conditions of which your package goes through whilst in transit provides reassurance and confidence for both the receiver and the sender.

Real-Time Location 

Real-time location refers to the live monitoring and tracking of packages, providing accurate location updates. With the rise of cross-border shipments, packages are being transported by multiple couriers, who may use different tracking systems. This makes it easier for packages to be lost within the process of shipping goods. Real-time package tracking provides full visibility of a parcel’s location at all times of the shipment process. In addition, package tracking software that gives real-time location provides the receiver with confirmation of when to expect their package to arrive.

Theft Recovery 

With the increase of “porch pirates” and packages reported as stolen, individuals and businesses are wanting a secure way to ensure that their parcels are being delivered. GPS parcel tracking devices help combat the rising problem of package theft. They can be discreetly placed within a package and provide real-time package tracking. When a package is reported as stolen, the GPS tag placed in the package can be switched to recovery mode and gives the location of where the package has been taken to, and from there, it can be recovered. Alerts or notifications can be sent when an unauthorized movement of a package occurs.

Condition Monitoring 

There are many factors that could affect the condition of a package, from when it’s sent by the supplier to the time it is delivered. Utilizing package tracking software, businesses and individuals can monitor the storage and transportation conditions of their packages with GPS tags that have smart sensors to detect a range of conditions. Some packages are environmentally sensitive and must be shipped and stored at specific temperatures. Cold chain monitoring of packages allows for full visibility of conditions including temperature, humidity, and moisture during the shipping process. The sensors are also able to detect any impacts that may occur to packages during shipment, reducing the risk of items getting damaged and/or broken.

Battery-Powered GPS Devices for Tracking Packages 

Our battery-powered tracking devices are ultra-rugged and compact and can provide accurate near real-time location and data that can be easily analyzed for extensive GPS package tracking. Small in design, the devices can be discreetly concealed in packages, ensuring that any thieves are unable to find them and remove them from the packaging easily.

Digital Matter’s GPS package tracking devices are powered by user-replaceable off-the-shelf Alkaline, Lithium, or Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries. They are designed with a ‘deploy-once’ long battery life to assist in significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs for businesses.

Additionally, our cellular LPWAN battery-powered devices support global roaming to ensure tracking anywhere in the world. Combining GNSS, wifi location, and cell tower location, data can be sent from GPS tags regardless of its location, indoors or outdoors.

Several of our devices also double as Bluetooth® Gateways to detect nearby Bluetooth accessories to monitor the environmental conditions of the package and detect any impacts that may occur. The impact detection feature on several of our devices provides alerts if your package is abused or mishandled by a courier. When notified of an impact, distributors are then able to arrange for a quick replacement of the shipment before the damaged one can be delivered. GPS parcel tracking gives full visibility to the shipment journey of packages and can ensure their safe delivery. Providing an automated and comprehensive process for package tracking reduces the possibility of human error to occur and the parcels being lost, stolen, or damaged.


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GPS Tracking Devices for Packages

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