Remote Soil Moisture Monitoring

November 27 2023

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Soil moisture monitoring is critical in agricultural, environmental, and hydrological systems. 

Monitoring soil moisture levels can help farmers optimize irrigation, reduce water waste, and improve crop yields. Soil moisture monitoring is also important for managing water resources and ensuring sustainable agriculture practices. Farmers and water managers can make informed decisions about when and how much to irrigate and when to conserve water by accurately measuring soil moisture. 

Remote soil moisture monitoring incorporates the Internet of Things (IoT) using sensors that can detect soil moisture remotely. The data collected from soil moisture monitoring sensors can be used to optimize usage or even create maps of soil moisture content, which can help farmers and other land managers make informed decisions about irrigation, crop management, and other agricultural practices.


Soil Moisture Monitoring Sensors

Technology has enabled the development of various methods for remote soil moisture monitoring. One common method is using a soil monitoring system with sensors. These sensors are buried in the soil and measure the water content in the soil at various depths.

Once the soil moisture monitoring sensors are installed, they can be programmed to send data to a remote soil moisture monitoring system at regular intervals, providing real-time information on soil moisture conditions. With the help of specialized software and mobile applications, this data can be used to make informed decisions about irrigation and other management practices, ultimately helping to optimize crop yields and conserve water resources.


Advantages of Remote Soil Moisture Monitoring

remote soil moisture monitoring system provides real-time data on soil moisture levels, allowing farmers and land managers to decide when to irrigate and how much water to apply. This can lead to improved crop yields and reduced water waste.  

Additionally, remote moisture monitoring can cover large areas, making it a cost-effective way to monitor soil moisture conditions across various landscapes. It can also provide more accurate data than traditional monitoring methods, which may rely on manual measurements or estimates.  

Remote soil moisture monitoring can also be done without the need for physical access to the land, making it a safe and convenient option for land managers. Finally, it can be customized to meet the specific needs of different crops and soil types, helping to optimize management practices and conserve water resources.  

Overall, a remote soil moisture monitoring system can be a valuable tool for improving agricultural practices and ensuring sustainable land use.


Build a Smarter Soil Monitoring Solution with Our IoT Dataloggers

Digital Matter’s multi-functional IoT datalogger and sensor hub supports hundreds of IoT remote monitoring applications, including soil moisture monitoring 

Adopting a versatile approach to IoT monitoring hardware, these devices utilize plug-in “IO Cards” that provide the smarts and the interface to connect to a wide range of sensors. 

With ultra-rugged IP68-rated housing GORE® vent, the devices can withstand the toughest conditions and feature multiple power options, including solar, to support full-season deployments.

Powerful task management allows for tasks to be scheduled or run. These tasks can be a selection of actions performed on a schedule or in response to an event. This feature allows the device to be configured to monitor soil moisture levels specific to the application. Data can then be scheduled to upload at specific times and if the soil moisture levels reach a set threshold. 

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