G62 4G Cat-M1 Online in USA and Australia

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G62 4G Cat-M1 Online in USA and Australia

Our new rugged G62 GPS tracker is online on the 4G Cat-M1 networks in the USA and Australia

We're excited to blog that Digital Matter's G62 4G device is now live on the 4G LTE Cat-M1 networks in the USA and Australia. The Cat-M1 network provides excellent coverage plus has the added benefit of having better building and basement penetration than typical 3G and 4G technology - and is lower cost!

The G62 is ideal for tracking equipment, pumps, generators, bobcats, vehicles, and other assets with a power source.

The G62 provides a compact, rugged, IP67 GPS tracking device at a low price point:

  • Automotive spec power supply range up to 36V
  • IP67 rugged housing with internal antennas
  • High performance GPS with LNA and aiding data
  • Ignition input
  • 2 x digital inputs
  • 1 x analog input
  • 1 x switched output for relays / immobilization
  • Driver / Operator ID via 1-wire iButton
  • 4G Cat-M1 and NB-IoT modem

See more product info here: https://www.digitalmatter.com/Devices/CatM1-NBIoT/G62-CatM1-NB-IoT

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