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Smart farming uses agriculture technology (agtech) to improve and optimise agricultural operations, increasing the overall quality and quantity of agricultural products. IoT Agriculture Sensors can have the greatest impact on enhancing productivity for farmers and growers. 

connectivity Options
for IoT in Agriculture

Affordable Cellular IoT connectivity and LPWA networks such as Sigfox and LoRaWAN are making smart farming technologies more accessible. 
Smart Farming Connectivity options

livestock tracking

Waterproof and compact battery powered GPS tracking devices for livestock can monitor location, movement history, speed, inactivity, approximate temperature and more.
GPS tracking Alpacas

Soil Moisture Monitoring

The use of IoT Agriculture Sensors provides real-time soil moisture data to enhance crop conditionsincreasing efficiency and crop yield. Identifying moisture trends can cut down excess irrigation, fertilization and pesticide usage.
Monitoring soil moisture

Remote Water Tank Level Monitoring

IoT Agriculture Sensors can detect leaks and tank levels in order to make better water usage decisions and to avoid unforeseen shortfalls. Accurate and reliable alerts can help farmers save on fuel and labour costs.
Monitoring remote water tank levels

Temperature + Humidity Monitoring

Wireless IoT Agriculture Sensors for temperature and humidity monitoring helps optimise water usage and maximise crop yields, alerting farmers of vital changes in conditions.
Graph of temperature and humidity levels

Equipment Tracking

Tracking high and low value equipment allows farmers to protect and monitor their property remotely, see how it’s being used and know that their equipment can be recovered in the case of theft or misuse.
GPS tracking Equipment

TRACK & monitor ASSETS remotely

Device configuration and management is made simple with our over-the-air Device Management Server and Telematics Guru Tracking Software. Remotely monitor your assets in one place, on desktop or via our mobile app.

Our IoT Agriculture Sensors, the SensorData and SensorNode, are available for system integrators - only for use in third party platforms.
Track and monitor assets remotely using Telematics Guru

Goanna Agtech

Goanna Agtech is deploying our IoT agriculture sensors (SensorData LoRaWAN and SensorNode LoRaWAN) to deliver smart farming practices, such as soil moisture and crop irrigation monitoring through data-driven solutions.

If farmers can make more informed decisions on various aspects of their farm's management, the productivity of the crop will be significant.
Goanna Ag

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