Cold Chain Management

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Cold chain management is a system of transporting and storing perishable goods (vaccines, food products, etc.) within a recommended safe temperature range. Controlled temperatures need to be maintained in cool rooms as well as in refrigeration trucks for the entire transportation journey to prevent the cargo from becoming spoiled. Organisations may be bound by law to ensure that appropriate procedures are put in place to ensure that the cold chain is managed effectively. Digital Matter products allow proactive monitoring and alerting to provide a complete cold chain monitoring solution.

What needs to be monitored, reported and alerted on?

Cargo temperature is the key metric that must be tracked. Alerts need to be sent if the temperature falls outside of a safe range, and historical temperature data may need to be recorded.

What are some challenges and considerations?

  • Monitoring devices need to be ultra-reliable, and built tough to withstand the typically damp environments they will be used in.
  • Battery Life – Some devices use rechargeable batteries, which work great until somebody forgets to put them on charge! Batteries need to be long lasting, so that they don’t need repeated changes. Permanent power might not be available, or a permanent install might not always be possible.
  • Alerts or other feedback must be sent and received in a timely manner so that remedial action can be taken.

Read more about selecting the right device for your cold chain management needs here.

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  • Temperature Sensor Alerts

  • Customisable I2C Inputs

  • Battery Powered and/or Installed in Vehicle

  • GPS and/or WiFi Tracking

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Route Management & Driver Behaviour Monitoring

  • Run Hour, Speed, and Harsh Driving Alerts

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Telematics Guru is our easy to use, feature-rich tracking platform. Features specific to cold chain monitoring include:

- Easy Alert Setup - Set up out of range temperature alerts
- Configure special ‘duress’ alerts that require user input and comments to clear –ensuring that every alert is actioned!
- Trip replays with events displayed on the map
- Scheduled Reports: Send a report to your inbox of all out of range temperature events during a time period so they can be reviewed.