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“Archaic” is how Steven Kramer, CEO, and Founder of Restotracker describes the amount of manual logging and paperwork required in traditional water restoration operations.

From employees, vehicles, and valuable equipment across worksites (there is often $7,000 – $10,000 worth of equipment on a site), to temperature and humidity readings and insurance-compliant reporting: managing restoration operations has traditionally required hours of manual logging and mountains of paperwork.

For example, when drying out a location water restoration companies will generally:

  • Travel to the damaged premises for an initial assessment
  • Manually log arrival time and location
  • Determine the correct type and size of equipment required
  • Manually log equipment tags and location
  • Return to the premises daily to manually record moisture, humidity, and temperature measurements for insurance compliance
  • Return equipment to the warehouse and record the time technicians and equipment spent on site

When Kramer became aware of how antiquated water restoration operations had become in the age of IoT and connected devices, he decided to develop a solution.

Disrupting the Industry with Remora2 and Bluetooth® Low Energy

The Restrotracker solution is two-fold: providing water restoration companies with traditional equipment, vehicle, and employee tracking while also eliminating second and third-day sensor reading visits through the application of Bluetooth® Low Energy technology.

“When Bluetooth® 5.0 was introduced, the industry changed,” says Kramer. 

Placing more robust, expensive, and physically larger cellular GPS tracking devices on lower-value assets is no longer necessary with the improved range of Bluetooth® Low Energy.

Aptly branded “RestroTrackIt” by Kramer, the Remora2 features concurrent GPS/GLONASS and Bluetooth® 5.0, enabling location tracking in addition to short-range communication with a wide range of Bluetooth® Low Energy tags and sensors.

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy sensor tags are placed on the premises to capture temperature, humidity, water moisture and more
  • A Remora2 is placed on high-value restoration equipment and provides location tracking while continuously scanning for nearby Bluetooth® Low Energy tags or sensors
  • The Remora2 reports all data from the tag to the Restotrackit software where it is presented digitally in an exportable report

The Remora2’s GPS and 4G cellular connectivity also enables the use of advanced, automatic geofencing based on a work site’s address, auto-assigning equipment to a specific job while eliminating the need to manually log arrival and departure times, equipment serial numbers, usage times and more.

From Steven Kramer – CEO of Restotracker

Kudos to everything about Digital Matter. We have been looking for a “Partner” not just a “Vendor” for many years to help us enter the tracking space. We have had no success until we found your supported devices.

Your technical team is some of the BEST I have EVER worked with, and I have been doing this for over 30 years. The fact that we were, with your team’s assistance, able to write third party programs and have Bluetooth® tracking working in a matter of DAYS is a near miracle.”

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