Enhance aviation operations and airport management by tracking and monitoring vital equipment of all sizes with a robust range of integration-ready asset tracking devices.

IoT Airport Tracking and Monitoring

IoT asset tracking and sensor monitoring solutions offer significant advantages to the aviation industry by providing accurate data insights into various aspects of operations and management.

These solutions enable airlines and airports to track the location and condition of critical assets such as aircraft, ground support equipment, and baggage handling systems. By optimizing asset utilization, maintenance schedules, and inventory management, aviation companies can improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and lower operational costs.

Construction Equipment Location

Cargo and Freight Tracking

Utilize tracking systems, sensors, and real-time data to provide accurate information on the location, status, and condition of cargo from origin to destination within the airport environment.

Inventory Management

Ensure optimal levels of essential airport items are maintained by tracking stock levels, streamline procurement, and prevent shortages or excesses.

Condition Monitoring

Deploy Bluetooth sensors and tags within critical aviation assets prone to temperature and humidity fluctuations, such as aircraft galleys, cargo holds, and storage facilities, to maintain safety and compliance.

Exception Reporting

Receive alerts when, and at what locations, high-value assets or dangerous goods are mishandled during transit with impact, vibration, or high G-force detection.

Ground Support Equipment Monitoring

Optimize aviation operations by monitoring and managing ground equipment like tugs, loaders, and fuel trucks in real-time.

Innovative Asset Tracking & Management Solutions for Aviation

Hardware and software solutions that address specific aviation industry needs to help you achieve operational efficiency.

Hardware for Every Asset

Select from a wide range of GPS asset tracking and sensor monitoring solutions across a range of location and connectivity technologies.

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> Bluetooth Gateways
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Configure and Customize

Manage and update your connected devices remotely and at scale​ with Device Manager, our cloud-based device management platform.

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Send Data Anywhere

Securely send data to any end platform or ERP with flexible integration options.

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Security by Design

Military-level AES-256 Encryption from device to Device Manager to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

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Trusted by Companies of All Sizes

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Critical Aircraft Part Tracking and Condition Monitoring with IoT

Learn how one of the largest manufacturers of aircraft parts is using the Oyster Edge to track the location and condition of its critical assets.

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Pioneering IoT in Malaysia with Xperanti IoT

Digital Matter has partnered with Xperanti IoT, supplying over 11,000 Oyster Sigfox battery-powered GPS tracking devices for affordable asset tracking in Malaysia on the LPWAN Sigfox Network.

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Benefits of Deploying IoT Asset Tracking and Management Solutions in Aviation

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Enhance Asset Visibility

Real-time tracking of assets provides accurate information on location, status, and condition, allowing businesses to optimize resource allocation.

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Improve Security and Loss Prevention

Mitigate loss, theft and unauthorized use of assets with Geofencing, Movement Alerts, and Recovery Mode to enable prompt responses to potential security breaches.

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Optimize Asset Utilization and Reduce Downtime

Identify underutilized resources, schedule preventive maintenance, and reduce unplanned downtime to enhance overall asset reliability and longevity.

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Reduce Operating Costs

By optimizing routes, monitoring fuel consumption, and minimizing idle time, businesses can reduce operational costs associated with transportation and logistics.

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Ensure Compliance and Regulatory Alignment

Asset tracking and reporting functionalities facilitate compliance with industry regulations and standards, ensuring that businesses adhere to legal requirements and avoid penalties.

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Exceed Customer Expectations

Timely information on the location and status of assets enables businesses to provide better customer service, including accurate delivery estimates, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

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