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Digital matter secures order for 11,000 GPS tracking devices to Malaysian Sigfox IoT provider Xperanti.


Perth, Western Australia – Nov. 5, 2019 – Digital Matter has partnered with Xperanti IoT, supplying over 11,000 Oyster battery-powered GPS tracking devices for affordable asset tracking in Malaysia on the Sigfox 0G Network.

Digital Matter’s long-life battery-powered tracking solutions, which are utilized in over 100 countries around the world, help businesses monitor and optimize non-powered assets, and improve utilization. In addition to location visibility, the Oyster provides theft prevention and recovery, enables preventative maintenance planning, and more.

Working with Xperanti, Air Asia is using Digital Matter’s Oyster devices at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for Ground Support Equipment (GSE) management, ensuring On-Time-Performance requirements are met by optimizing the utilization of non-powered aviation assets. Xperanti is also using the same devices for fleet management, trailer, and livestock tracking.

“The Oyster’s industrial-grade housing, configurable firmware for tracking various asset types and behaviors, and the highly accurate global positioning module make it the perfect device for tracking a wide range of non-powered assets,” says Ashokan Nair, VP Technology & Ecosystem at Xperanti. “For partners and clients to have access to reliable, sustainable, and scalable tracking solutions that consume low battery power is a great addition to the market.”

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Xperanti is Malaysia’s first nationwide IoT network provider and offers IoT network solutions through exclusive access to Sigfox’s globally leading technology. With exceptional technology, Xperanti delivers powerful connected solutions for manufacturing, transportation and logistics, utilities, agriculture, and smart city applications.

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