Bluetooth® in Fleet Management

Using Bluetooth® Sensors and Gateway in Fleet Management

Bluetooth® Low Energy is a variant of the Bluetooth® technology used in many wireless consumer electronics. Designed for short-range communication, this technology can also be applied in fleet management to gather real-time and actionable data from vehicle components, enhancing data collection, diagnostics, and preventative maintenance strategies and accuracy.


  • Leverage the wealth of commercially available Bluetooth® Low Energy sensors to make smarter, data-driven business, and operational decisions
  • Wireless communication means easy installation and no complicated component wiring
  • Improve Driver Safety by monitoring vital vehicle components such as tire pressure
  • Save money and reduce wear and tear on vehicles via preventative maintenance management
  • Reduce fuel consumption and theft with fuel-level monitoring

How Does it Work?

Applying Bluetooth® low energy technology in fleet management requires a Bluetooth® gateway device and Bluetooth® sensors.

Bluetooth® Gateway Devices for Fleet Management

The G120 is an advanced fleet management device featuring both a GPS/GLONASS module for high-precision location tracking and Bluetooth® 5.0 module for Bluetooth® Low Energy sensor detection.

With multiple customizable inputs and outputs, the G120 is hardwired into vehicles for live vehicle tracking, driver behavior monitoring, driver ID, and optional out-of-coverage tracking / remote worker monitoring with an Iridium Edge module.

G120 PCB

Bluetooth® Low Energy settings such as scan length and frequency can be configured in our Device Management platform, depending on the application.

Integrating Bluetooth® Low Energy Tags and Sensors with the G120

Proprietary sensors such as our SensorNode Bluetooth®, as well as third-party tags and sensors, are then integrated with gateways, enabling wireless communication between devices.

Bluetooth® Low Energy Tags and sensors send beacons, or small packets of data, every few seconds. Gateway devices detect these signals and transmit the data to a server for interpretation and reporting. Though our gateway devices require SIM and data packages to transmit data, Bluetooth® tags and sensors do not, making them an affordable sensor monitoring solution.

Bluetooth® Low Energy for Cold Chain, Vehicle Diagnostics and Preventative Maintenance

There are hundreds of Bluetooth® tags and sensors to integrate with! Below are a few examples of Bluetooth® Low Energy sensor monitoring in fleet management.

Cold Chain Management

The SensorNode Bluetooth® I ²C Interface can be used with a range of sensors including temperature, humidity, vibration, CO2, and more to monitor the condition of refrigerated cargo for compliance.

Fuel Level Monitoring

Measure a tank’s fuel level and volume to monitor consumption and theft.


  • Technoton DUT-E S7 Fuel Probe
  • Escort TD-Bluetooth® Low Energy Probe

Learn more about configuring fuel level sensors with the G120

Fuel Flow Monitoring

Measure the quantity and flow rate of fuel to optimize consumption.


Axle Load Meters

Designed for axle load control and cargo weight control.


Tire Pressure and Temperature

Maintain the recommended tire pressure and temperature for safety and preventative maintenance. If tire pressure sensors are fitted – drivers don’t need to manually check tire pressure as part of their pre-start checks. In fact, attaching a pressure gauge will reduce the pressure a few PSI, as air is lost.


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