Concrete Mixer Tip Detection and Utilization with VolkerFitzpatrick

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Founded in 1921, VolkerFitzpatrick is one of the UK’s premier engineering and construction companies, providing specialist industry-focused skills to a range of market sectors including commercial, industrial, education, rail, aviation, waste, and energy.

Working with our Channel Partners Hyrde IoT, VolkerFitzpatrick is using Digital Matter’s battery-powered GPS tracking devices to optimize concrete mixer utilization and routing.

The Problem

VolkerFitzpatrick required a robust battery-powered GPS tracking device that is capable of collecting very specific date, time, GPS location, and tip detection (the angle at which the barrel moves to distribute concrete) every time the following events occur:

• Truck arrives at batching plant
• Truck leaves the batching plant
• Truck arrives at the concrete works
• Truck offloads concrete mix
• Truck completes the offload
• Truck leaves the concrete works

Drivers of large concrete vehicles are required to follow specific routes for several reasons:

Route Optimization – Any delays in loading and offloading concrete on worksites substantially delays other construction activities.
On-site Worker Safety – Strict routes are structured to ensure heavy trucks and equipment do not injure on-site workers or drive on unsafe infrastructure.

VolkerFitzpatrick also needed a better understanding and control over:

  • How much cement was being poured
  • How long cement trucks are in use

“We tested a few devices prior to reaching out to Digital Matter,” says Lee Wainman, Global Sales Manager, Hyrde IoT. “These devices weren’t flexible, or accurate enough to provide the required data. And then we were introduced to the Remora2.”

The Solution – Remora2 for GPS Tracking and Tip Detection

The Remora2 is an ultra-rugged, long-life battery-powered GPS tracking device and Bluetooth® Gateway with up to 10 years of battery life and tamper detect for long-term asset tracking, sensor, and tag monitoring, theft recovery, and more.


  • High-precision GPS/GLONASS tracking device
  • Weatherproof and ultra-rugged IP67 Nylon Glass Housing with minimal installation – simply place and trace
  • Powered by 2 x D LTC Batteries with up to 10 years of battery life depending on the frequency of updates and extreme temperature tolerance
  • Built-in Battery Meter for remote Battery Life Monitoring and Remaining Life Predictions
  • Accelerometer for High-G Event Detection, Tip Detection, Unauthorised Use Alerts and Smart Movement Based Tracking
  • Magnetic Tamper Detect
  • Available in Cellular 2G or 4G LTE-M / NB-IoT

As seen below, the Remora2 is quickly and securely installed on the cement truck. The device’s ultra-rugged nylon-glass housing ensures it can withstand fine dust, high-pressure spray, submersion for 30 minutes in 1m of water, and extreme temperatures.

In addition to high-precision location and trip tracking, The Remora2’s 3-Axis Accelerometer enables Tip Detection.

Using Digital Matter’s Device Management Platform, OEM Server, Hyrde IoT was able to define a range of angles that constitutes a “tipped” state. As the truck tips cement, the Remora2 passes this configured threshold. Every time the device enters this range, it sets a digital input, increments an analog counter, and optionally logs a record, performs a GPS fix, upload datas, or scans for Bluetooth tags.


“The Remora2 was exactly what we needed for this project,” says Wainman. “Working closely with Digital Matter was a pleasure, as much as it was a necessity, considering the challenges posed by the specific behaviors of the cement trucks during pouring. We consulted with Digital Matter every step of the way, and when the tip detection firmware needed optimizing, it was pretty much done overnight.”

Businesses can save time, money, and accelerate time-to-market by adapting our current range of devices to fit niche applications with custom firmware and sensor integrations.

VolkerFitzPatrick and Hyrde IoT have now deployed the Remora2 for GPS tracking and tip detection across multiple paving projects across the United Kingdom.

“Due to the way tip detection is configured in OEM Server, the device can also be moved from one asset to another, without needing to be reconfigured, which saves us time and money,” says Wainman.

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