AroFlo: Enhancing Job Management Software
Solutions with Battery-Powered Asset Tracking

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Implemented Products

Established in 2001 ‘by a tradie, for tradies,’ Melbourne-based AroFlo is a job management software platform designed for trade businesses working throughout a variety of different industries such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, facilities management, and more.

From simple digital invoicing and purchase orders, all the way to multi-level project management that packs in everything from Gantt charts to contractor management, AroFlo’s full-featured, cloud-based solution helps trade professionals gain efficiency in their everyday operations while simplifying workflows and reinforcing profitability.

In addition to a wide range of job management applications, the AroFlo platform also supports a full suite of GPS asset tracking features, offering businesses comprehensive fleet, driver and physical asset management solutions all in one platform.

Non-Powered Asset Tracking Solutions for Businesses

AroFlo launched their GPS fleet and driver management solution in 2016, adding location-based capabilities to their already robust job management software to help businesses streamline how they track their work vehicles and manage the employees who drive them.

As trade businesses have many physical assets to maintain, AroFlo also required robust battery-powered GPS asset tracking devices to help businesses track and manage a wide variety of non-powered assets, such as critical equipment, tools, trailers, bins and containers, and more.

“Compact, rugged, and with exceptional battery life given the size of the units, Digital Matter’s Oyster GPS and Yabby GPS devices are the perfect fit for trade business assets,” says Bradley Bristow-Stagg, Technical Manager at AroFlo.

Be it location, movement, geofencing, or after-hours use, the Oyster and Yabby battery-powered asset tracking devices allow businesses to monitor processes at a micro or macro level in real-time to prevent theft, optimize asset utilization, and improve preventative maintenance strategies.

With multiple installation options, AroFlo clients also benefit from convenient wire-free installation. The Oyster2 and Yabby GPS can be covertly installed on any asset quickly with screws, bolts, cable ties, rivets, and more, and ultra-durable IP67 housing ensures devices can perform in rough work environments.

“It’s important for us and our clients that any device we offer is very much a ‘set and forget’ type of deal,” says Bristow-Stagg. “Our clients appreciate the benefit from how easy it is to get Digital Matter devices up and running.”

Optimized for low-power operation, the Oyster and Yabby GPS tracking devices are also highly configurable to meet varied tracking requirements and feature industry-leading battery life, significantly reducing the amount of interaction required with devices once deployed.

“Being a software provider with such a comprehensive product, it can be difficult to find partners whose products can fully account for the depth and variety of different situations that our clients find themselves in professionally,” says Bristow-Stagg. “We love working with Digital Matter because their range of GPS products are as open and adaptable in form as our software, making them the perfect accompaniment to the range of GPS and asset tracking solutions AroFlo provides to our customers.”

Fast Integration and OTA Device Management

With secure TCP Direct integration options, comprehensive technical documentation, and regional technical support, integrating Digital Matter devices into the AroFlo platform was also streamlined.

“With a little help from Digital Matter’s support team, integrating the devices into our software was easy,” says Bristow-Stagg. “I love that we can self-manage with very little handholding if we choose, it makes adjusting things that much easier for us.”

OEM Server, Digital Matter’s OTA device management platform also allows AroFlo to securely provision, monitor, and remotely manage their deployed devices at scale.

“Having access to comprehensive device management tools is as important as the hardware itself,” says Bristow-Stagg. “Digital Matter’s device management platform is among the best we have seen.”

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