Bringing IoT to Previously “Untrackable” Markets with Foresolutions

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As new business cases emerge for the IoT as device and connectivity costs continue to decrease, businesses are able to broaden the range of assets they track. Foresolutions is using Digital Matter’s battery-powered LTE-M/NB-IoT Oyster2 devices as well as smaller Yabby GPS devices to track business assets that traditionally were not commercially viable to track.

In the past, for example, construction companies would only put GPS trackers on heavy equipment. Today, they are tracking all types of smaller tools, including hand trucks, hand rollers, shovels and more, helping to reduce theft, optimize utilization, and improve efficiency.

Foresolutions provides GPS tracking and telematics systems to a wide range of organizations in both the public and private sectors, helping companies with complex operational environments to solve their asset tracking and IoT challenges. By assisting its customers in building strategies and implementing solutions to locate and monitor all their mobile assets, Foresolutions allows them to regain control of their operational environment. Digital Matter devices seamlessly integrate with the Foresolutions platform.

“We’re really excited about using Digital Matter devices in more innovative use cases, such as portable toilets, tools, construction equipment, non-powered assets, ground service equipment, plant and machinery,” said Imogen Ross, Operations Director, Foresolutions. “These are the areas we are really exploring and where we see our partnership developing. Using Digital Matter’s robust range of long-life battery-powered devices, we are now able to build out more scalable, lower-cost asset tracking solutions for our clients.”

“Foresolutions required very high-quality, robust devices with long battery life and Digital Matter was able to deliver at scale for all of the use cases and applications it was approaching,” said Ken Everett, CEO and founder, Digital Matter. “Foresolutions is continually pushing the boundaries of what IoT can accomplish and we’re pleased to be partnering with such an innovative company.”