TRAILER tracking : the holy grail of battery powered tracking

Everyone in the Transport Industry will tell you how they wish they could have a "plug and play" tracker for trailers, rather than having to pull them off the road, hardwire a device to the tail-lights and know deep down it is only a matter of time before it is damaged, stolen, water-logged, etc...and back in the workshop again.

The other side of the fence-sitters will swear blindly that a solar powered unit is the way to go, perpetual energy, out-of-site (on top of the trailer) out-of-mind.  

Well, we have solar powered units, the G52, an award winning product for its innovation and rugged design all-in-one.   It has been used on trailers, and was designed with trailers and containers in mind. 

However, seasoned operators will tell you that they get knocked off trailers (by branches for example), they get stolen out of curiosity, they are easy to locate for those criminals looking to compromise / destroy them, and they easily get dirty thus rendering the solar panel less and less effective.  If that was not enough, the devices often need battery replacements as they can only be charged and recharged so many times, normally up to 2 or 3 years at best.  And then finding a suitable mounting place on a flatbed is almost impossible as they need to have line of sight of the sky.

So, long life battery powered trackers are the Holy Grail of trailer tracking, but why?

advantages of battery powered tracking devices over solar and hardwired

  • Ease of installation
  • Can be hidden on the trailer, even under the trailer
  • Can be mounted inside channels or pipe as long as there is a little space for the signal to get in
  • Super long life, less visits back to the workshop
  • Field replaceable off the shelf batteries, very affordable and convenient
  • Easily moved from one trailer to another, no auto-electrician required
  • Granular reporting available over the intermittent solar powered unit reporting
  • Not reliant on trailer light power when in a siding or offload bay
  • Tracking 24/7 regardless of trailer power source or amount of sunlight
  • Cheaper solution upfront as well as over the life of the asset
And if you have fitted trackers to trailers, you will know there are many more advantages...

Jostle Mode

Jostle Mode is an exceptionally smart tool to detect where a trailer ends up in a large yard without it going into trip status every time it is moved or jostled.   This has the dual benefit of accurate location in a yard, as well as power saving due to not trying to report every 2 minutes (by default) its location thinking it is in a trip.



Digital Matter has mastered the art of Movement Based Tracking to provide the user a reliable service and maintenance method.  

Capturing hours of use or distance travelled is essential for trailer maintenance where it can easily be overlooked.  Instead of using ageing technology like hubometers, the tracker will work reliably uploading the data to the website for instant user access, as well as smart service planning tools.

By using the accelerometer to detect movement, and then smart algorithms to ascertain the asset is on a trip and not just being moved around a yard, we can confidently record distance / duration often to within 99.5% accuracy.
Movement Based Tracking is an ideal tool for our Scheduled Maintenance module in Telematics Guru, allowing operators to accurately manage their service and inspection intervals on actual data rather than estimates which can adversely affect trailer warranties and business workflow.


Our unique techonology has addressed the challenges of trailer tracking:


  • Alkaline batteries, low cost and offering accurate usage status for punctual low battery alerts as used in the Remora
  • Lithium batteries providing extra energy in small packs like AA and AAA such as in the Oyster
  • Lithium-Thionyl-Chloride batteries (LTC) yielding 100% more energy than Alkaline and extreme temperature tolerance optional in the Remora
  • All field-replaceable for user convenience, no unneccessary "return to vendor" battery replacement requirement


  • The housings are professionally designed to achieve minimum footprint capability without compromising antenna performance
  • Traditional structurally engineering principles applied to the mesh structure of the housing for maximum strength and tolerance
  • UV protected polycarbonate case with multiple fastening options for screws, bolts, cable ties, or rivets
  • Compact form factor to easily fit within the confines of available space on the trailer often in obscure locations
  • IP67 rating ensures the devices can withstand fine dust, high pressure spray, submersion for 30 mins in 1 metre of water, and abnormal temps


  • Infinitely configurable device parameters such as Jostle Mode support a wide spectrum of applications to optimise reporting
  • Intuitive firmware libraries anticipate and eradicate many of the known challenges around asset tracking
  • Low Noise Amplifiers filter out the noise to enhance reporting accuracy even when tracker does not face the sky
  • Smart Power Management settings with Offline GPS Assist ensure quick "wake-up" and GPS fixes  extending battery life 


  • Remora (with optional LTC batteries and Anti-Tamper feature)
  • Oyster 
  • G62 (for powered solutions)
  • G52
  • Remora D (2 x D-cell LTC batteries) - ETA Q4 2018
  • Yabby (3 x AAA Lithium batteries)- ETA Q4 2018