Driver Behaviour Monitoring

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Promote safe driving and meet compliance with our range of driver behaviour monitoring GPS solutions. Receive real-time speeding, excessive idling, harsh driving, accident, and duress alerts to improve fleet safety and fuel use.

DRIVER ID and in-vehicle alerts

Our devices support a range of driver ID options. Devices can be configured to sound a buzzer or immobilise an asset until a valid driver ID tag is scanned – meaning drivers can’t ‘forget’ to log on.

Driver Identification can also be used to ensure disciplinary action is taken should a driver violate any laws or safety regulations.



Know where your drivers are at all times - even when out of mobile coverage.  Get reports on important events such as accidents, rollovers and speeding to ensure the safety of workers. 

Create custom geofences and configure alerts if employees enter or leave specific locations during work hours.

SPEED Monitoring

Monitor speeding events via reports and alerts. Speed reports can be used to discipline drivers, assign speeding fines to the offending driver and prove compliance to authorities.

Devices can also be installed to provide in-cab alerts and feedback to drivers when over the speed limit.

harsh event monitoring

Our devices are fitted with 3D accelerometers to provide harsh event monitoring. Receive instant notifications if a driver is involved in an accident so immediate, life saving action can be taken.

Harsh acceleration, braking and cornering alerts (and in-cab feedback) prevent vehicle abuse and promote safe driving.

MONITOR Engine hours and idling

  • Monitor the odometer and run hours of an asset for preventative maintenance
  • Bill customers by time and distance
  • Detect when vehicles are left running unnecessarily, wasting fuel

driver fatigue

Configure several real-time driver fatigue alerts with on-device buzzers and customisable digital outputs to warn drivers they are required to rest.

Customise the amount of time in trip before fatigue alerts are triggered, quantity and duration of buzzing and more with our Device Management Platform OEM Server.