The Importance of Backup GPS Trackers in Vehicle Management

January 29 2024

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Many industries rely on vast fleets of vehicles to operate, and having effective vehicle management systems in place is vital for vehicle maintenance, efficiency, and security.

With car theft rates escalating, having a robust tracking system is essential. This is where the concept of a backup GPS tracker comes into play, serving as an extra line of defense in safeguarding your vehicles. Digital Matter is leading the way in providing advanced backup tracking solutions, ensuring your vehicles are protected even under the most challenging circumstances.

Importance of Vehicle Management

Managing a fleet of vehicles or even a single vehicle requires more than just keeping them running. It’s about ensuring they are used efficiently, maintained properly, and kept safe from theft or misuse. In this context, GPS tracking plays an indispensable role by providing real-time location data, usage patterns, and maintenance alerts.

Why You Need a Tracker

A GPS tracker is no longer just a luxury but a necessity in vehicle management for numerous reasons:

  • Real-Time Location: Instantly know where your vehicles are at any given time, which is essential for operational efficiency and in case of theft.
  • Usage Monitoring: Track how your vehicles are being used, helping to identify any unauthorized or inefficient usage.
  • Maintenance Alerts: Proactive maintenance based on vehicle usage can reduce long-term costs and extend the life of your vehicles.

Rise in Car Theft

In recent years, there has been a worrying increase in car theft globally. Thieves are becoming more sophisticated, often using technology to bypass traditional security systems. This increase in crime emphasizes the need for more advanced and reliable vehicle tracking and security solutions.

Backup Tracker Provides Increased Security

While a primary GPS tracker offers substantial security, a backup tracker adds an extra layer of protection:

  • Secondary Line of Defense: If a primary tracker is disabled or removed by thieves, the backup tracker ensures your vehicle can still be traced.
  • Harder to Detect: Backup trackers are often smaller and more easily concealed than primary trackers, making them less likely to be found and disabled by thieves.

Thieves Might Know Where to Look for the First Tracker and Remove It

Experienced thieves often know the common hiding places for GPS trackers and might quickly locate and disable them. This reality makes having a backup tracker that is hidden in a less obvious location an essential strategy in vehicle security.

Digital Matter’s Solution of Backup Trackers

Digital Matter is proud to offer a wide range of innovative backup GPS tracking solutions:

  • Battery-Powered Devices: Our backup trackers are battery-powered, allowing for greater flexibility in placement and minimizing the need for wiring that could lead thieves to the device.
  • Concealable Design: The compact and inconspicuous design of our trackers makes them ideal for covert placement, away from the usual spots where thieves might look.
  • Long Battery Life: The extended battery life of our devices ensures that your vehicles are protected for prolonged periods, even when the primary tracking system is compromised.

As vehicle management becomes more challenging in the face of rising car theft, the role of backup GPS trackers becomes increasingly vital. A comprehensive vehicle security strategy requires a reliable primary tracking system and also a covert backup that safeguards against the most cunning of thieves.

With our advanced, battery-powered backup trackers, you can rest assured that your vehicles have the best line of defense, keeping them safe and recoverable even in the most adverse situations. Secure your fleet with Digital Matter and drive forward with confidence, knowing that your vehicles are under vigilant protection. Explore our vehicle GPS tracking solutions, or contact us to learn more.

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