Livestock Monitoring in the Alpes

Company Profile


Located in the harsh mountains of France, Alpes-éco is innovating the world of farming. Disrupting the Ag-tech industry, they have created a new way to monitor and manage livestock and Livestock Guardian Dogs and natural disaster prevention in mountainous regions of France and Switzerland using IoT. 


The Echo of the Mountains 

The mountainous region spanning France and Switzerland presents challenges for farmers due to high altitudes, harsh winters, rapid weather changes, and rugged terrain with steep slopes, making it difficult to access and oversee expansive grazing areas. 

Harsh weather conditions, including snowstorms and low temperatures, further complicate livestock management, demanding adaptable solutions that account for seasonal changes.  


Tracking Livestock with Battery-Powered GPS Devices 

To combat the extreme conditions of the mountains, Alpes-éco needed reliable GPS tracking devices that could provide accurate data.  

Utilizing the Oyster3, Oyster3 Bluetooth®, and Remora3, they have deployed over 100 devices across the Mountain region of France and Switzerland. Alpes-éco uses the data collected from these devices to: 

  • Optimize fodder areas 
  • Monitor and manage the health of livestock and Livestock Guardian Dogs 
  • Protect livestock from large predators 

Alpes-éco has designed and manufactured custom-built collars that are compact and ergonomic for animals to wear without causing any distress or discomfort. The ultra-rugged and waterproof design of the devices also ensures they can perform in rough terrain and conditions to provide location and health data of livestock and Livestock Guardian Dogs as they roam across the mountains.  

Cow collar image

Each device features up to 10+ years of battery life, allowing for a long-life tracking solution. Built-in battery-life monitoring and low-battery alerts also ensure batteries are changed in a timely manner and behavioral data is not missed. 

By leveraging geofencing technology, Alpes-éco also establishes virtual boundaries that trigger alert notifications if animals stray beyond predefined areas. Additionally, each device is configured with an inactivity timer, allowing alerts to be generated if livestock or the livestock guardian dogs remain stationary for a specified period. 



Daily energy expenditure: Individually or collectively, the farmer has this essential information at his disposal in order to optimize natural resources as well as possible.

Intensity of activity: Individual or collective, the farmer receives alerts in the event of an anomaly in the herd, whether it is a disturbance of human origin or a predator. This innovation reduces the mental load on farmers and compensates for the lack of manpower on small farms. 


Life Monitoring with Bluetooth® Low Energy 

The incorporation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology via the Oyster3 Bluetooth and Remora3 has notably elevated Alpes-éco’s capabilities in managing livestock. The lead cow or lead LGD has a custom-built collar with a device installed, and the remaining herd wears Bluetooth tags. Acting as Bluetooth Gateways, the Oyster3 Bluetooth and Remora3 devices ensure smooth communication between the lead animals and the entire herd. 

Sheep herd with BLE tags

This innovative use of BLE technology enables Alpes-éco to extract valuable data for precise location tracking, early detection of collective or individual abnormalities in the animals, and optimization of grazing ranges.  

The low-energy consumption of Bluetooth technology ensures extended battery life for GPS devices, allowing for prolonged and reliable operation in remote and challenging environments. As a result, Alpes-éco can safeguard the well-being of the livestock and make informed decisions to enhance overall herd management efficiency, substantially impacting sustainable ag-tech practices in the region. 


Easy Integration 

Using Digital Matter’s Device Management Platform, Alpes-éco is able to collect data from their devices and process the information to deliver to their customers in reports. For example, reports on:

  • Optimization of grazing routes 
  • Incidents between animals and hikers 
  • Health reports 

By leveraging the advanced features of Bluetooth®, geofencing, and location technologies, Alpes-éco has enhanced its livestock monitoring capabilities and fortified its position at the forefront of Ag-tech innovation. 


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