Enhancing Automated External Defibrillators Accessibility Across Australia

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Heart of the Nation

Discover how Heart of the Nation, a non-profit charity founded by Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle, is leveraging IoT asset tracking technology to enhance Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs) accessibility across Australia.

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Heart of the Nation was awarded the IoT Health Award in 2023. With 300 accessible connected AEDs already deployed within the community and a database of more than 7000 currently available through an app, their efforts have significantly increased awareness about cardiac arrest and the importance of the Chain of Survival.


An Initiative Close to the Heart

Heart of the Nation, a non-profit charity founded in 2020 by Greg Page, is on a mission to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrests in Australia, where approximately 30,000 people experience cardiac arrest each year. Their primary focus is to promote the Chain of Survival and recognize the vital role of individuals in saving lives.

Greg Page’s personal experience with cardiac arrest during a Wiggles reunion show inspired him to launch this initiative. Thanks to prompt CPR and the use of a nearby defibrillator, he made a full recovery and has since become a passionate advocate for heart health and CPR education.

With a vision to enable access to AEDs within one minute of all locations across Australia, Heart of the Nation partnered with Inauro, a leading IoT innovator in Australia specializing in workflow automation and operational improvements. Together, they embarked on a three-year collaboration to build a comprehensive database of defibrillators across the country.

AED machineAED Machine - Greg Page


GPS Tracking for Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

Leveraging Digital Matter’s battery-powered GPS tracking devices and Inauro’s IoT platform, Perspio™, AED locations are displayed in real-time in the Heart of the Nation Mobile App and Web Platform.

Heart of the Nation - App

Heart of the Nation - Map

One of the significant challenges addressed by Heart of the Nation is the security of AEDs, as they are susceptible to theft. In response, owners often store them in secure locations, which can hinder public accessibility when needed the most.

To overcome this, Heart of the Nation actively encourages local councils, community clubs, residential developments, and pubs to ensure the security of their AEDs while still making them easily accessible to the public.

In case of AED theft, the Perspio platform offers Recovery Mode, allowing for near real-time GPS tracking to locate stolen or misplaced equipment. Furthermore, the live tracking functionality enhances the overall security and protection of AEDs. Should an AED be stolen, the owner can receive immediate notifications and track its location using the GPS devices’ live updates.

The incorporation of live tracking further enhances the overall security and protection of AEDs, reinforcing the public’s confidence in their accessibility. In addition to the overall security of AEDs, ensuring that the machines are maintained and in working order at all times. Inauro’s custom-built platform allows for battery data to be extracted separately from the device’s location and notify owners of any maintenance required on the AED machines.

In addition to the overall security of AEDs, tracking the utilization of life-saving devices is key to ensuring that they are maintained and in working order at all times. Inauro’s PerspioTM platform can notify owners of connected AEDs after an event so they can perform the maintenance required on the AED machines to ensure they are ready to be used again


Improving Public Health and Emergency Responses

The collaboration between Heart of the Nation, Inauro, and Digital Matter has significantly improved public health and emergency response in Australia. By making the defibrillator database readily accessible to the public, this initiative has the potential to save numerous lives.

“This is a dream that I had 3 years ago when I first inquired about how to track and monitor these AEDs in a reliable and up-to-date way,” says Greg Page, CEO and Founder of Heart of the Nation. “The tracking and management of AEDs via the IoT is a huge step forward for making AEDs publicly accessible and helping to ensure they are always rescue-ready.”