Heavy Duty Equipment Tracking in the Construction Space

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Founded in 2008, Foresight Intelligence is a business intelligence company that combines the best of business intelligence software, telematics hardware, artificial intelligence, and industry leading expertise to improve entire fleet’s uptime and utilization.

Foresight leverages its telematics hardware and any existing OEM units to save time and cost through comprehensive preventative maintenance, inspections, work order management, utilization, asset health (diagnostic trouble code monitoring) and other tools. The software is fully customizable, backed by a professional service team with seamless available integrations into current ERP systems to automate processes.


Battery-Powered IoT Devices for Heavy Equipment Tracking

As a company whose primary customer profile includes the construction industry and heavy equipment rental space, Foresight Intelligence required a robust and easy-to-install battery-powered GPS asset tracking device that would still provide high performance regardless of the environment. Through extensive research, Foresight Intelligence found that the Yabby Edge and the Oyster Edge were the perfect solution to their client’s tracking requirements.

“The Yabby Edge and Oyster Edge are industrial strength. We’ve put them through the toughest conditions, and they are still ticking. We are very pleased with the quality and reliability of these devices,” says Candice Durham, VP of Finance at Foresight Intelligence.

The ultra-rugged housing of the Yabby Edge and Oyster Edge is IP68-rated making them extremely durable and able to withstand extreme conditions such as vibration and adverse temperatures. This is a crucial factor of consideration as Foresight Intelligence’s customers are using these devices on jackhammers, excavators, and other rigorous heavy equipment.

Unique to the Edge range is the ability for Indoor/Outdoor tracking. Through supporting multiple location technologies such as GNSS, Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning, and Cell Tower Location Fallback, the Yabby Edge and Oyster Edge provide seamless asset tracking and management as devices move across indoor and outdoor locations.

Cloud-based location solving on the Yabby and Oyster Edge, an advanced power-saving technique that transfers the location processing workload traditionally handled on-device to the cloud, also enables ‘Deploy Once’ battery life and minimizes asset downtime, substantially reducing OPEX costs by eliminating frequent and expensive battery changes or manual recharge cycles.

With convenient wire-free installation, the Yabby Edge and Oyster Edge can be covertly installed on any asset quickly with screws, bolts, cable ties, rivets, and more.

The Yabby Edge and the Oyster Edge are not only able to give location tracking for assets, but additionally provide data on asset utilization, run-hour monitoring, theft prevention and recovery, and

impact detection. By incorporating Digital Matter’s battery-powered Edge devices into their systems, Foresight Intelligence has built a comprehensive fleet monitoring and tracking solution for all types of environments.

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Building Fast and Efficient Solutions

With fast and flexible configuration, the Yabby Edge and Oyster Edge easily integrate into Foresight Intelligence’s Fleet Intelligence platform.

“We’re a one-stop shop for everything you would need to track your entire fleet, everything from attachment tracking for an excavator bucket to electronic logging devices (ELD) and dash cameras. The fact that Digital Matter’s devices integrate into our platform with no complications is a huge benefit for us to round out a great complete solution for our customers,” says Durham. For more information on Foresight Intelligence’s solutions visit https://foresightintelligence.com/