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Hijacking and theft in Zimbabwe are, unfortunately, very common, leading to an incredibly high demand for robust and reliable tracking devices and software to aid in the recovery of stolen property.

Founded in 2009 in Harare, Zimbabwe, Ezytrack understands the unique solutions local residents and businesses require to protect their assets.

Ezytrack has been a Digital Matter channel partner for several years, specializing in highjack and theft response, fleet and vehicle tracking, armed convoy support, vehicle breakdown guarding, and much more.

“We’ve taken the devices that were given to us by Digital Matter and used them in ways that they were definitely not designed to be used for,” says Grant Weare, Managing Director of EzyTrack. “We track everything that moves that shouldn’t.”

Battery-powered GPS tracking devices such as the Oyster2 2G are particularly effective in theft prevention and recovery efforts. With up to 7 years of battery life and compact housing, the Oyster2 is easily and covertly placed inside vehicles and high-value assets.

Movement Alerts notify property owners immediately of unplanned movements, and the device can be quickly switched to Recovery Mode, activating on-demand live-tracking at 30-second intervals.

“The Oyster2 really is our specialty unit,” says Weare. “The price point and functionality fit our target market very well.”

Recovering Stolen Assets

EzyTrack also often deploys “reaction vehicles” to follow stolen property, working closely with Zimbabwean Police Vehicle Theft Teams when a vehicle or high-value asset has been stolen.

Recovering a stolen motorbike

Recovering a stolen motorbike

“After a man stole a motorbike, we arrived at his remote home and he was very surprised to see us. People never expect us because they can’t understand where the unit is, or how it’s working because there are no wires.”

In addition, to highjack prevention and theft recovery, the Ezytrack team also uses the Oyster2 for boat tracking, bicycle tracking, and more.

Boat Tracking at the Kariba Invitation Fishing Tournament

Supported and sponsored by Ezytrack, the Kariba Invitation Tiger Fish Tournament (KITFT) is one of the most popular fishing tournaments in Southern Africa, and by far the largest in Zimbabwe. It is also the largest single-species four-man freshwater fishing tournament in the world.

In the event of an issue, the Oyster 2G shows emergency crews exactly where the boat is located so immediate action can be taken. Geofences were also configured to ensure fishermen did not travel in out-of-bounds areas to protect both young Tanganyika sardines (kapenta juveniles) and species on spawning runs up the river.

Boats participating in the 2019 KITFT as monitored on the Ezytrack platform.

The tournament’s official guidelines have recently been updated, mandating the use of tracking devices in all future events.

Expanding into IoT with Digital Matter

“Ezytrack has grown significantly, quickly becoming the leading tracking company in Zimbabwe and indeed in the Sub-Saharan region,” says Stuart German, Digital Matter Business Development Director.

Using our range of IoT sensors, the Ezytrack team is also currently expanding their product offerings with remote sensor monitoring solutions.

“The Digital Matter team understand our requirements and are able to build and adapt devices for our usage,” says Weare. “The reliability and performance of both devices and software are leagues ahead of our competitors, and we know this because we have tried many devices and platforms over the last 11 years. We owe a large amount of our success to Digital Matter – a great partnership.”

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