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In collaboration with B.Braun and Julius the Koala, Digital Matter is supporting WIRES Wildlife Rescue Organization, Australia’s largest not-for-profit dedicated to the rescue, relief, and recovery of wildlife.

In the aftermath of Australia’s catastrophic bushfires where millions of hectares of land were burnt and 20% of Australian forests were lost, severe drought and extreme weather continue taking a tragic toll on Australian wildlife.

Every year, WIRES volunteers take on sick and injured wildlife, often at a cost to themselves. The cost to raise an animal in care differs greatly from species to species – It can cost up to $200 a month to feed an orphaned Joey through to adulthood. for example, with feed one of the greatest expenses incurred.

As a business that works in and around the Australian Veterinary and Wildlife community, B. Braun recognized that much of the financial support required to care for displaced native animals falls solely on the generosity of the general public, volunteers themselves, and wildlife groups.

To support WIRES, B Braun’s newest recruit Julius the Koala is visiting Vet Clinics and Institutions across the country to spread love and awareness for Australian Wildlife, and in doing so he will raise funds to help their continued support for years to come.

For every scheduled clinic that takes a selfie with Julius and shares with the hashtag #juliusthekoala, B. Braun and Digital Matter will donate $25.00 each to WIRES.

Created from recycled B.Braun work clothes and scrubs, Julius is also concealing a donated Yabby GPS, so we can follow along with his adventures on Telematics Guru.

Last updated on 12 May 2020 at 9 pm Sydney local time.

Small and compact, the battery-powered Yabby GPS is powered by only 3 x AAA Batteries for up to 3 years. With smart adaptive tracking, the Yabby can be configured to send location updates based on set time intervals (1x, 3x, 5x a day, etc.,) or only when movement occurs to conserve battery life.

To learn more about Julius’ Mission and B Braun Australia visit their website here. Or, if you would like to get involved please contact us today.